Nora West-Allen is back! After her mysterious demise in Season 5 of The Flash, it was has recently announced The Flash: Jessica Parker Kennedy returns for 150th episode | her return to the show. She is reported to appear for an undisclosed amount of episodes that includes the landmark 150th episode of the show. Additionally, she will most likely cross paths with her brother Bart Allen, who has also been confirmed to appear in upcoming episodes.

Kennedy's Nora West-Allen, aka XS, originally started popping up in The Flash's Season 4 through cameo appearances. Over the season, her role became more prominent culminating in the season cliffhanger moment when she revealed her identity to her parents. In Season 5, we learned that West-Allen had come from the future at the behest of Reverse Flash, and she acted as a regular of the show all season. Throughout the season, she became a critical member of the team and formed close relationships with her parents, specifically Iris. In the season finale, Team Flash foiled Reverse Flash's plans resulting in West-Allen being erased from the timeline. Since then, she has not appeared on the show due to her never existing (time travel rules are difficult to understand sometimes).

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However, she will soon make her return, but it is not yet known how or why. A good guess is that Bart Allen is directly involved with her reappearance in some way, but The Flash fans will just have to wait and see. Another burning question about her return is will she be the same Nora as the one from Season 5 or a completely new version with different memories? Kennedy's return to the role insinuates that it will be the same Nora, but The Flash is known to re-use actors for different roles all the time. There is plenty of room for drama and mystery. The role is confirmed to only appear for a few episodes as well, so perhaps she is merely a cameo.

What makes the news so exciting is that it's paired with the introduction of Bart Allen, aka Impulse. Jordan Fisher will appear as the future version of Bart making his debut on an upcoming episode. It is not known if Bart Allen and Nora will make arrive in the same episode, but it would make sense. Bart Allen has been confirmed to appear on The Flash for several episodes as well, probably joining the team like Nora did in Season 5.

This season of The Flash has brought in all kinds of conflicts for Team Flash, including some unsettling familial ones for Barry. The Speed Force has manifested itself in the form of Barry's mother, Nora Allen (not to be confused with his daughter Nora West-Allen), and has caused many headaches. It's entirely possible that the Speed Force is the catalyst for the arrivals of Barry's and Iris's future children. In any case, Barry and Iris are in for an interesting and potentially upsetting family reunion in the looming episodes.

The Flash airs every Tuesday on the CW, with the 150th episode being the 17th episode of the season (air date not yet released). This news comes to us from Entertainment Weekly.