The Deuce season 3 teaser trailer has arrived. We have seen the show go from the early 1970s New York City at the dawn of the sex industry, the disco era debauchery, and now we're going to see 1984, as the industry goes through a major shakeup. The Wire creators David Simon and George Pelecanos have taken their iconic storytelling to new heights with The Deuce and it's all coming to a close with season 3.

The teaser trailer for The Deuce season 3 shows everybody enjoying some huge success. There's smiles, money, and drinks being tossed around, but there is something dark looming just under the surface, which is also eluded to. One of the main threats is the invention of the VCR and home media. Tape is the future and though it may look like a good thing at the start, it proves to be the downfall of the sex industry, which will be shown on the series, along with the threat of AIDS and turbulent times of the early to mid 80s.

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1984 was a year where the hedonism and partying from the past started to catch up. The real estate booms and busts, drug epidemics, the mafia, and more all helped shape the sex industry in its early days. James Franco's Martino Brothers, Maggie Gyllenhaal's Candy Merrell, Lawrence Gilliard Jr.'s Chris Alston, and Emily Meade's Lori Madison are all shown having a great time in the latest look at The Deuce season 3, but things aren't going to stay that way forever, as teased in the first footage of the final season.

The Deuce was always set up to end in tragedy, which has given it a tension that fans keep coming back for. The HBO series isn't as popular as Game of Thrones or even Barry, but the quality of the show is what has kept it going to its final season story arc. Specific storylines aren't available at this time, but there is a lot that fans want to see happen, especially when it comes to Candy's family life, along with her backstory, and Vincent finally choosing a side. We know we're going to see the sex industry crumble while seeing New York City try and clean its image.

HBO has announced that The Deuce season 3 will premiere on Monday, September 9th. We were previously given a grainy announcement showing off the VHS tape, letting viewers know where the industry is moving after the latest time jump to 1984. With that being said, many are hoping David Simon and George Pelecanos will provide some closure to the character arcs that they have developed since the first season. While we wait to find out, you can check out the teaser trailer for The Deuce season 3 below, thanks to the HBO YouTube channel.