HBO's The Deuce will be returning on September 9th for its third and final season. The network has released some images to coincide with the announcement. The third season is taking the porn drama into the 1980s, which was a much different time than the 1970s for the industry. Things don't look like they're going to end very well with the rise of HIV, the cocaine epidemic, and the big business of the 1980s about to take a big tumble.

The Deuce creators George Pelecanos and David Simon have always talked about the three-season arc for the series. Along with the drugs, HIV, and big business, came the VHS boom, which took away from the film side of things in a major way. The marketing for season 3 features a VHS tape to play into how the home video market changed the porn industry forever. Things would change for the industry once again when the internet was installed in practically every home around the world.

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Maggie Gyllenhaal, James Franco, Mustafa Shakir, Gary Carr, Lawrence Gilliard Jr., Margarita Levieva, and Emily Meade lead The Deuce. Before heading into the 1980s in season 3, the show took place in the 1970s, showing how the adult industry started in New York City. The show highlights what has been called the Golden Age of Porn and then the big crash. Government and police corruption, the violence of the drug epidemic, and the real-estate booms and busts are all players in what shaped the industry and what ultimately brought it down.

In addition to the September premiere date of The Deuce, HBO also announced the series will move to Monday nights for season 3. The show has proven to be a hit for the network and critics have praised the first two seasons. The move to Monday nights seems like an odd choice for the network because they usually have their documentary material playing that night. However, Chernobyl and Divorce helped to change that earlier this year. Plus, many people are getting their content in different ways and watching at their leisure, much like recording shows on VHS tapes back in the 1980s and 1990s.

The Deuce premiered on HBO in 2017 to 830,000 and then an additional 342,000 on its encore showing. Throughout different platforms, the debut episode was watched by over 2 million people, guaranteeing a hit for HBO. However, George Pelecanos and David Simon have always seen the hit series only lasting for three seasons and it will probably be better for it. Additionally, it will hopefully give fans a sense of closure when it all comes to a close. Since it's the final season, the ratings may end up getting even higher than the previous two seasons. You can check out the announcement for The Deuce season 3 below, thanks to the HBO Twitter account.