Jon Stewart believes that The Daily Show is much better with Trevor Noah as its host. Noah took over for Stewart in 2015, which is when the ratings saw a steep decline. However, the young comedian has been able to pull the show back up, resulting in Comedy Central extending his contract through 2022. Noah has a much different approach to The Daily Show than Stewart did, which is more than likely why he received the job in the first place.

The Daily Show started in 1996 with Craig Kilborn as the host. Jon Stewart took over in January 1999 and held on to the hosting gig until 2015. Throughout that time, a lot changed in the world and the show needed to evolve at the same time. With that being said, Stewart truly believes the show is much better now than it ever has been, thanks to Trevor Noah. He had this to say in a recent interview with Howard Stern.

"For Trevor, it's a part of him. It flows from him naturally... It makes it better. The show is better."

Jon Stewart also addressed what the show was like before Trevor Noah was brought on. He says, "the evolution of show was also about opening our eyes to some of the realities of business around us." He went on to note that they did not want the "Harvard Lampoon school of pasty white guys sitting in a room," so they decided to add some diversity. However, Stewart admits it was "diversity for diversity sake," which wasn't helping anyone. "[What] we realized is we weren't changing the system... we were just granting access to a club everybody should have had access to in the first place."


Trevor Noah runs a different version of The Daily Show, though the sarcasm has remained with the series since day one with all hosts. As Jon Stewart points out, Noah is younger (he's 36-years old), and he lived through apartheid in South Africa. Noah also spends time on social media and is more in tune with what the audience is talking about when he goes to tape his segments, which is something that Stewart wasn't going to be doing on his own back in the day.

The Daily Show is the longest-running program on Comedy Central, going back to Craig Kilborn, and has won 24 Primetime Emmy Awards during its 24 years on the air. The show has seen its fair share of criticism over the years too, mainly over the fact that people did not believe that Jon Stewart grilled his political guests hard enough. He always maintained that the show was for entertainment and comedy, even though a good portion of the audience got their news from him every night. Trevor Noah still has the entertainment, but he brings it to a more political arena, where he'll ask the tough questions, punctuated with a joke. You can watch the interview with Stewart above, thanks to the Howard Stern Show YouTube channel.