It's official, the Roseanne spin-off series The Conners will premiere this October. The announcement comes a few months after ABC canceled the Roseanne revival series after creator Roseanne Barr made some racist posts on Twitter. The comedian has since apologized for her behavior in a few pretty bizarre ways that seem to have actually made everything worse. With that being said, the spin-off idea was hatched pretty early on during all of the controversy, and was officially announced a few weeks after all of the dust had settled.

ABC revealed today that The Conners will premiere on Tuesday, October 16th in the 8 PM timeslot. It's unclear if the show will start off with one of the Roseanne show's popular Halloween episodes, or if the show will even take on something that was such a fan-favorite piece to the original show. While the show is officially happening, not much is known about how the show will run, though we do know that there will be a larger focus on Sara Gilbert's Darlene character and her kids.

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It was reported very early on that a potential spin-off could happen after the very successful Roseanne revival series was canceled. It was also reported that Roseanne Barr was not happy with the idea of a spin-off at first, but she relented and signed her rights away so that The Conners could become a reality. The rest of the cast will all be returning, along with the crew and it seems like everybody involved is pretty happy about the decision to keep telling the story of one of America's favorite TV families. Even Barr seems to be happy for her old co-stars who will be making the show without her input.

Some fans have been wondering about the Roseanne theme song and whether or not it will be used for The Conners. Instead of re-using the iconic bluesy theme song with blaring saxophone and slide guitar, the new theme is a "subtle but effective revamp," according to Sara Gilbert's wife of 4 years, songwriter Linda Perry. Perry did not compose the new tune, but someone that she works with at We Are Hear Music landed the gig instead. Artist Antonio Beliveau is credited with the new take on the theme song that we'll all get to hear in mid-October.

The Conners will feature the rest of the Roseanne revival cast, John Goodman (Dan), Laurie Metcalf (Jackie), Sara Gilbert (Darlene), Lecy Goranson (Becky), and Michael Fishman (D.J.), who will reprise their Conner characters. Roseanne Barr agreed to a settlement that would allow the spin-off to continue without her involvement at the end of June, allowing for 200 jobs of the cast and crew to continue. While all of this news about The Conners is exciting, it's going to be interesting to see how the show does without its star and creator. The good news is that we won't have to wait long to find out. You can read more about the premiere date for The Conners along with the other ABC shows at CNN.