ABC is bringing The Conners back for season 2 and things are looking a bit familiar. The iconic quilt from the Conner family couch makes an eye-popping appearance in some new key art. The quilt is front and center as it takes over our new family portrait, showing the cast dressed head-to-toe in the pattern, while sitting on the iconic piece of TV furniture. The wall is even decorated in one of the most famous parts of the original Roseanne set. The tagline for the new season reads: "Hangin' by a thread."

Hanging by a thread is what The Conners do best and that's what season 2 will continue to do. While the quilt takes up all of the attention in the new key art, there's also a pretty big gap of open space, which looks a bit out of place. One can assume that this is a nod to Roseanne Barr, who caused the original Roseanne revival series to be canceled after a racist post on social media. The new show did not bring Barr back and had to figure out how to continue without her.


The Conners star and executive producer Sara Gilbert says, "I feel like we're getting our stride, understanding what the show is. You know, we had to figure out, 'What is this version of the show.'"

Roseanne Barr agreed to let The Conners happen without her involvement, but she is still not very happy with the way things turned out. With that being said, the new show is continuing the same themes that made the original Roseanne show so vital back in the 1990s, albeit with a modern spin. Sara Gilbert had this to say about why The Conners works as a show in today's world.

"There's not many shows that honestly deal with the middle class and the struggles in this country. I think there are shows that say the characters don't have money and then you can't really tell, whereas I think on our show we are really up against it. You see us paying bills or not being able to pay our bills and dealing with health care, dealing with when we go up against a big company or all these things that people face in their day-to-day life we're trying to give an honest voice to."

When crafting the ideas for The Conners, Sara Gilbert felt like it was important to honor the original Roseanne series. For many, the absence of Roseanne Barr is still striking, but the new show has been able to carve out its own niche and season 2 will give time to further distance itself from the past. However, it's clear that the show isn't going to deviate too far from the norm. Gilbert explains.

"I felt like we definitely wanted the crew especially to continue on and we wanted to not let the viewers down who wanted to see the show... And most importantly, I think we wanted to preserve the legacy of the original show and have it continue and at that point, get the reruns back on the air an all that."

The Conners returns to ABC on Tuesday, September 24th. Darlene's love triangle is set to continue with David and Ben, while Beck is out to make a birthing plan. It's clear that nothing is ever going to really go as planned for one of America's most beloved families, but that's why everybody keeps tuning in. You can check out season 2 key art below, thanks to the The Conners Twitter account.