Juliette Lewis has officially joined the cast of The Conners opposite Johnny Galecki. Lewis is set to play Blue, David's girlfriend who was mentioned in the Roseanne revival series this year. Lewis was the first to announce the news on social media with a picture of herself, Galecki, and Sara Gilbert on the iconic couch of the Conner family. Galecki's involvement in the series had previously been a mystery due to his commitment with The Big Bang Theory and its last season, as well as the turmoil surrounding Roseanne Barr's departure from the series.

Juliette Lewis played Johnny Galecki's older sister in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, so the two will have a slightly different relationship this time around for The Conners. Lewis' Blue character was first talked about in the Roseanne revival series and her addition is sure to set some waves for Sara Gilbert's Darlene character. Before the revival season was canceled, stories had already been written for John Goodman's Dan Conner and Gilbert's Darlene.

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It is believed that the initial stories for Darlene and Dan Conner will be the same arc that was supposed to happen in the highly anticipated Roseanne revival's second season. Roseanne Barr's main character will be killed off in the new series, apparently due to an opioid overdose, according to the actress. The Conners is going to have to start off with the death of the main character, which will be a challenge when all is said and done. As it stands, the new series is expected to bring in about half of the audience that the Roseanne revival series was anticipated to bring in.

Though the The Conners is set up to fail, America still wants to see what the Conner family is up to these days. The promise was first shown off in the Roseanne revival series, but that show ended up getting canceled. Roseanne Barr will have nothing to do with The Conners and will not make any money from the new show, after giving up the rights earlier this summer. Obviously, fans of the original series are waiting to see how the new show does without its main character.

For now, it looks like The Conners is going to pick up right from where the Roseanne revival series ended, with Roseanne Barr's character having an addiction to pain medication, which will result in a fatal overdose. It should be noted that the official cause of Roseanne Conner's death has yet to be announced by ABC or anybody else, which means that the death could end up as something else entirely. John Goodman was the first to reveal that The Conners would continue without Roseanne Barr as its lead star due to her death. Instead, the new series will tell the tale of the remaining family coping with life after the death of Roseanne. Deadline was the first to announce that Johnny Galecki and Juliette Lewis had joined the cast of The Conners.