Matthew Broderick has been cast as Aunt Jackie's love interest on The Conners. Broderick plays a character named Peter who will make his debut during the October 30th Halloween episode. Back when the Roseanne revival series was announced, many fans were wondering about getting a Halloween episode in the fall. The annual Halloween episodes are often some of the most fun of the season, but those hopes were thrown in the garbage when Roseanne Barr tanked the show with a single racist tweet. However, The Conners is here to keep the tradition alive.

This week marked the first episode of The Conners, which did better than expected in the ratings department. The upcoming second episode features Johnny Galecki as David with his new girlfriend, Blue, who is played by Juliette Lewis. For many fans of the show, it's exciting to see David and Darlene interact on screen, but it's going to be weird for a major reason that has nothing to do with the spin-off or the original Roseanne series. Instead, it has to do with National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, where Galecki and Lewis first worked together as brother and sister. Seeing them as lovers might be a little too much to take in for some fans.

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In addition to Matthew Broderick and Juliette Lewis, it has been announced that Justin Long has been cast as Darlene's love interest, who will show up this season. Love is definitely in the air after the death of Roseanne Conner. Tuesday's premiere episode of The Conners did a commendable job of paying tribute to the former show's star, while also blazing a new trail that was familiar in the best possible way. Now, new characters will be introduced to one of America's favorite families.

Matthew Broderick has also joined the cast of Daybreak, Netflix's upcoming high school apocalypse dramedy series. His role on The Conners is being described as a "guest arc," which means that he may have only signed on for a few episodes in the new series. Laurie Metcalf's Aunt Jackie didn't always have the best luck with the opposite sex in the original Roseanne series, so it will be interesting to see how long Broderick's Peter character sticks around. Now that Roseanne Barr is gone, The Conners will be able to focus on the rest of the characters on the show, which is refreshing.

The debut of The Conners drew 10.5 million viewers, which is down 55 percent from the Roseanne revival's massive 18 million premiere earlier this year. However, the ratings were only slightly less than the revival series season finale. In the end, The Conners will not be the ratings juggernaut that the previous show was, but according to star John Goodman, that really isn't the point anyway. Goodman is just happy to be able to continue to tell the stories of the characters, which had already been set up during the revival series. The actor is also thankful that Roseanne Barr let the show happen to begin with. The Matthew Broderick casting news was first reported by Entertainment Weekly.