After two amazing seasons with a third on the way, The Boys showrunner Eric Kripke has addressed how long he thinks the popular series may last. Streaming on Amazone Prime Video, The Boys has become one of the highest-streamed shows of this year, rivaling some of the most popular titles on Netflix. Speaking about the potential longevity of the series in a Q&A session with fans on Twitter, Kripke suggested that a 5-season run is perhaps the most likely scenario, but he's also not willing to set that number in stone.

"The rough idea in my head is five seasons total, but I also know better than to say how many seasons a show is going to have," Eric Kripke explains. "My last show, Supernatural, I said five seasons for sure, and that f---er went 15. So, I'm mostly going to keep my mouth shut, but creatively, five feels like a good round number."

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Kripke will also be giving Supernatural star Jensen Ackles his next major role. It has already been confirmed that Ackles will be playing Soldier Boy, a Captain America parody character, in The Boys' third season. Dean Winchester fans shouldn't go into season 3 expecting Ackles to play a hero, however, as Kripke has teased Soldier Boy will be more of a villainous type. In the Twitter Q&A session, Kripke also suggests that even Homelander will feel "threatened" by Soldier Boy, who rivals the leader of the Seven in both popularity and power.

We just might see a mini Supernatural reunion on The Boys in the future as well, as Kripke is still trying to get Jeffrey Dean Morgan for a role in season 3. Given that Morgan is still a series regular on The Walking Dead, however, Kripke admits that it might not be feasible at this time. "There's a two week quarantine in Canada, so for him to hang out for two weeks just to shoot a couple days of The Boys just might not be possible in this environment," Kripke says.

Even if The Boys comes to an end around five seasons, that doesn't mean fans won't get to explore more of the show's fictional universe. A spinoff series has already been ordered and is now in development, which will reportedly follow superheroes in college learning how to properly use their powers. Kripke leaving the door open for the show to go up to 15 seasons is also pretty hopeful, though you certainly shouldn't bet the farm on it happening. Despite its immense popularity at one point, even The Walking Dead is going to fall short of 15 seasons, bowing out in 2022 after an 11-season run.

It's unclear when The Boys will debut season 3, but production is expected to begin in early 2021. For now, fans can stream the first two seasons of the series in full on Amazon Prime Video. While many fans would undoubtedly love to see it go for longer, let's hope the series runs for at least five seasons as Kripke is hoping for. This information comes to us from Eric Kripke on Twitter.