In an era, where superhero movies are everywhere, Amazon Prime's The Boys has been a dark, satirical take on the rampant culture that not only depicts how the world would be if caped crusaders did exist but also a brutal yet tragically honest representation of real-world issues. For this, last reason alone, it has retained its controversial status since the day its first season premiered on the streaming platform and has put the series showrunner, Eric Kripke on the receiving end of many threats that "horrified" him. 

For the uninitiated, The Boys focuses on two warring groups- one is "The Seven" which is a renowned group of superheroes who spent more time being celebrities and destroying the world they advertise about saving. Then we have a bunch of savage antiheroes, who are foul-mouthed and don't hesitate to slice a man in half if it helps them in bringing down the "Supes." Even though it has released at a time where films with a valiant superhero are an absolute favourite, this antihero satire has mostly received positive feedback from viewers. But the show's theme is bound to trigger negative reactions and as Kripke shared, it attracted threats as well.  

"[Regarding the threats I did receive], it's only human nature to have to react to anger or hate directed right at you. I'm not gonna lie and say, 'No, I think it's funny.' It affects me. It troubles me and everything, but I think it's part of my job to not let it affect the work and not let it force me to second guess myself and what I'm doing here. So, no, I take a moment, feel appropriately horrified, and then process my way past it and get back to the work of writing the show."

But Eric Kripke prefers to disregard such little hiccups and look at the bigger picture as he faced no resistance from the studio associated with The Boys and "by and large, the majority of viewers understood that it's satire."


"And we have a very specific rule that we try to follow, which is, it was George Carlin who originally said it: 'You always want to punch up. You never want to punch down.' So, sometimes a joke will make us laugh, and we'll love it. Then as I ruminate on it, I'll see that we're making fun of somebody who or something that actually doesn't have a lot of power. We shouldn't be doing that. We should always be punching up at the people who are more powerful than us and have more authority. I think that demonstrates a humanistic worldview," he further added. 

"Seth Rogen said to me, in the beginning, and I really took it to heart, "You can really be as outrageous as you want as long as you really make it clear to the audience that your heart is in the right place." I feel like, by and large, that's worked."

Last we saw series, The Boys had served a major defeat to their menacing adversary, Homelander who had to momentarily accept his downfall and licks his wounds alone as his partner-in-crime, Stormfront got charred to death by his son. Whether she is really dead and how Homelander will make a comeback all depends on The Boys Season 3 which will begin filming in early 2021. This news comes to us via Consequence of Sound.