The Boys has made quite an impact in their first two seasons on Amazon Prime, and is likely to push boundaries even further in its third season. This is something that will make showrunner Eric Kripke happy and he has been speaking to The Hollywood Reporter about the pressure that comes with transitioning a well loved comic book property to the screen, as well as revealing how he finds darker comic books much easier to work with when it comes to modern satire, although he also admitted that when he took on the project he was a little over his head for a while.

"I would say that I went in oblivious to the stress and challenges of an adaptation. I had never adapted anything before. I'd always written original stuff. Like an idiot, I walked into it feeling like, "Well, this will be great! Someone already did all the hard work of coming up with all the characters and the situations. I've just got to find a way to translate it to film."," Kripke told the publication. "Now I think adapting is 10 times harder than original material. It's really fun and satisfying and challenging, but it's way harder because they're inherently different mediums. The thing that you're making for television is not going to be that other thing, right? It just can't be. So you find yourself in this minefield of "How do I adapt it in a way that captures the spirit of it and the tone of it without alienating everyone who loves it?"

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The Boys is one of Garth Ennis' best loved graphic novel series', along with Preacher, which has also been made into a series on AMC in the last few years. In fact, after being a huge fan of Ennis' work, it was the commissioning of Preacher by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg that saw Kripke getting together with one of the producers of that show to blast them for giving it to someone else, at which point they asked if he would like to take on The Boys instead. Now work is on going on the third season of the show, and Kripke has had to adapt to working during the pandemic to keep the new season on track.

"It's by a mile the toughest production year of my life. There's not any one thing; it's a million problems. And probably to the irritation of some of my benefactors, my attitude from the beginning has been no creative compromises. The audience will not grade us on a curve. They will not say it's OK that it's not quite as good as the second season because, gosh, it sure was hard to make. We have to make sure the audience never knows the difference. But behind the scenes, everything's different. The amount of work we can get done in a day, the amount of crowds we can put in the background, how we travel from place to place - every single thing. It's all slower and harder and takes longer. It's been really, really challenging. The crew, to their credit, have been champs - they'll wear their masks for 14 hours a day, every day."

The Boys seasons one and two are currently streaming on Amazon Prime, while season three is expected to arrive early in 2022.