The Boys is getting a college-set spinoff series, and showrunner Eric Kripke offered a few more details about what fans can expect from it. Given the success of the show, it wasn't shocking when word broke that The Boys would expand with a new spinoff. After the first season was released to great acclaim last year, this year's season 2 performed even better, garnering very strong reviews and rivaling popular Netflix titles as one of 2020's most-binged shows.

While the first two seasons of The Boys have been hits for Amazon, the idea for a spinoff did not come from above. As Kripke tells The Hollywood Reporter in a new interview, the concept actually came from a conversation he'd had with the series producers.

"First, it didn't come from Amazon telling us, "Hey, you're a hit, you must do a lot more of the same." It came from me, [The Boys executive producers] Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg and Craig Rosenberg just talking. We stumbled on to this corner of the universe that we really loved and we took it to them."

Kripke also provided a few details about what the new series will be like.

"So it's a college show. It's a Vought-owned college where young kids with powers are trained as to how to be proper superheroes, all leading to an NBA-style draft at the end of the year. It's sort of like a college sports show meets Fame, because they also have to go to acting classes and marketing classes. It's going to be a very character-driven, hopefully incredibly realistic, college show."

While Eric Kripke doesn't reveal much about the story for season 3 of The Boys, he does tease what's coming next for Chace Crawford as The Deep. Referring to him as the "Forrest Gump of Hollywood trends," Kripke notes how The Deep has already dealt with the #MeToo movement and fringe Hollywood religions. Now unhappy with the Church of the Collective, Kripke says the fishy Supe will "be like Leah Remini in fighting back against the cult."


It's also been revealed that Supernatural star Jensen Ackles will be introduced as the Captain America parody character Soldier Boy next season. Kripke has previously teased that the character will be just as bad as Homelander, so Supernatural fans shouldn't expect to go in expecting him to be a good guy. The title of the season 3 opener, "Payback," also seems to be a reference to a parody of The Avengers from the comic books, meaning Soldier Boy could be joined by several other new superheroes.

It's not yet known if there will be any crossovers between The Boys and the college spinoff, but it would seem likely that there will be some connections. Filming on season 3 will begin in early 2021, so hopefully, we'll be seeing some more new episodes by the end of next year. The first two seasons of The Boys are now streaming on Amazon Prime Video. You can read more from Kripke's interview about the series at The Hollywood Reporter.