Get ready to check back in with the Freeman family, as Sony Pictures Animation has announced intentions to revive The Boondocks with series creator Aaron McGruder. The series revival will see the Freemans facing the wrath of Uncle Ruckus, described as an "evil local government tyrant who rules fictional Woodcrest County, Maryland with an iron fist." While the show originally ran in its entirety on Adult Swim, it isn't yet clear if this revival will be premiering on the same network or if it will wind up at a new home entirely.

Aaron McGruder first created The Boondocks as a comic strip back in 1996. Following young radical Huey Freeman, the story was known for satirizing African American culture and politics in America. In many aspects, you could say that the series was far ahead of its time. It was originally made for the website and later was featured in the hip hop magazine The Source. The strip snowballed in popularity, leading to its pickup by the Universal Press Syndicate to go national in 1999. Taking notice of the fan interest in the comic strip series, Sony later acquired the movie and TV rights, resulting in the animated series adaptation coming to Adult Swim in 2005.

For three seasons, McGruder worked directly on the series as a writer and executive producer, only to would ultimately depart for the show's fourth and final season. At the time, Adult Swim addressed his departure in a statement, saying "a mutually agreeable production schedule could not be determined." The show then went on without him before ending its run on the network in 2014, giving the series an overall episode count of 55 installments. For fans noticing a difference in the series creatively following McGruder's exit, it should help to know he's completely on board for the upcoming Boondocks revival.

This is actually not the first time McGruder has attempted to bring back the show in some capacity. In 2013, the Boondocks creator took to Kickstarter to help fund his vision for a live-action adaptation of the series centered on Uncle Ruckus. Because the campaign was unsuccessful, McGruder wound up scrapping those plans entirely before going back to the drawing board. However, just earlier this year, McGruder revived the comic strip series on his Instagram account, with the help of The Boondocks supervising director Seung Eun Kim. Clearly, McGruder never forgot about the Freemans, and his dream of seeing them return has finally been made a reality.

In any case, fans of The Boondocks can look forward to seeing the TV series officially return. The live-action movie may not have been meant to be, but given the cult status of the show, this will undoubtedly be great news for a lot of people. We're still waiting to hear when exactly the series will arrive and on which network it will air, but hopefully that information will be arriving sooner rather than later. This news comes to us from Variety.