Yes, that death on The 100 really happened. Every death is taken with a grain of salt in fantasy and science fiction shows. We've been fooled before. So when a showrunner or actor makes a farewell statement, we usually sit up and listen. Unless you're Kit Harrington, he went almost a year keeping that secret. But today, we have a concrete answer on the latest death to throw shock waves across the fan community.

The CW's The 100 showrunner, Jason Rothenberg, took to twitter to comment on the major death in the most recent episode. Paige Turco has had to play the character Abby Griffin differently almost every season. She began the series as an antagonist, having caused her husband's death and sent her daughter to the seemingly uninhabitable Earth.

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She eventually became a hero by helping her daughter lead the people, though is often ruthless in doing so. Season 5 saw half of the characters locked in a bunker, with a dwindling food source. Abby devised a new way to make food-eat each other. It was a slippery slope from cannibalism for Abby.

For the rest of season 5 and much of season 6, she struggled with drug addiction. She then allowed the murder of an innocent man in order to put Marcus Kane (Henry Ian Cusick), her boyfriend's, consciousness in his body-Altered Carbon style. After a scolding from Kane, Abby seems to make an abrupt turn back to the good side.

Unfortunately, it doesn't last long because in the latest episode, "Adjustment Protocol", Abby is killed by Russel in order to put his wife's consciousness in her body. The next time we see Paige Turco she is dressed impeccably as an entirely different character. Showrunner, Rothenberg, sent this message to the fans via twitter.

"As writers, it's always hard saying goodbye to characters we love. Abby has been with me for 7 years. I miss her, but this tweet is for me to ask you... How ya doin'?"

This wouldn't be the first time The CW put a different character in someone else's body and called it drama. It's not even the first time this has happened to one of our main characters this season. For a series of episodes, Abby's daughter and our protagonist, Clarke (Eliza Taylor) had someone else riding in her brain, and she was able to win it back. It seems that Turco won't be sticking around much past this season though. Rothenberg posted this in her stead:

"Hey guys, Abby has had a long arc throughout the series and with a growing cast, the writers seem to be struggling to give her a strong role in the plot. We'll have to see if the character is truly dead or if the 100 can pull off another save in the season finale of season 6 which will air on August 6 on The CW."

You can check out the twitter posts direct from Rothenberg here.