The 100 might soon be coming to an end on The CW, but the series might live on through a planned prequel series at the network. According to a new report, the network has ordered a pilot for a potential prequel series with series creator Jason Rothenberg developing the project. The plan is to air the backdoor pilot as an episode of The 100's upcoming seventh and final season, with The CW ordering more episodes if the concept is well-received by fans. Additionally, Rothenberg will also serve as a writer for the project and will executive produce alongside Leslie Morgenstein and Gina Girolamo.

As of now, the planned prequel series is untitled, but some details about its premise have been revealed. It takes place nearly a century before the start of The 100, set approximately 97 years before the original show's first episode. According to The CW, it begins with the nuclear apocalypse that nearly wipes out the entirety of the human population, focusing on a small group of survivors on the ground "as they learn to cope in a dangerous world while fighting to create a new and better society from the ashes of what came before." It's an interesting way to explore the same universe with a new set of characters finding out what it takes to survive in the immediate aftermath of the nuclear fallout.

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Loosely based on the Kass Morgan novel series of the same name, The 100 first began airing on The CW in 2014. It follows a group of criminal youths exploring a post-apocalyptic world nearly a century after a nuclear war had devastated the planet. They are among the first humans to return to Earth from a space habitat called the "Ark" following the apocalypse. The series has since established itself as a big success for The CW, as it was a hit with critics in addition to building its own dedicated fan base. It has currently aired six seasons already with 84 episodes overall so far, and it has since been reported the show will conclude with 16 more episodes for its upcoming seventh season. This rings the final episode count to - perhaps not so coincidentally - 100.

For fans of The 100 bummed to hear about the show ending, it would be amazing for the prequel to be a success. Setting the prequel series in a completely different time period is an interesting way to keep the franchise fresh and allowing for the introduction of several new characters. It can also expand upon the mythology established in the original series by giving viewers a front row seat to the actual nuclear apocalypse itself and the unique challenges it will impose upon its survivors in the immediate aftermath. With Rothenberg still behind the wheel, the project definitely has the potential to be something special.

It's not yet exactly clear when The 100 will begin airing its seventh and final season, though that will likely start happening in the first half of 2020. Perhaps we'll get some more updates on the planned prequel series as well before then, such as possible casting updates or details on the new characters. This news comes to us from TheWrap.