Fans of That '70s Show are feeling a variety of emotions right now, from heartbroken to livid, after discovering that Netflix has removed the beloved comedy series from its library of available titles. For years, the series had been streaming in its entirety on Netflix along with other popular sitcoms from years past. With Friends parting ways with the streamer earlier this year and with The Office set to leave come 2021, the presence of That 70s Show on Netflix was perhaps becoming more vital than ever, so the surprise removal of the series has a lot of subscribers feeling pretty bummed.

"Mood this morning after finding out that Netflix removed That 70s Show," one fan tweets, including a photo of a rough-looking Eric Forman.

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Attaching an animated GIF of Kitty Forman preparing to drink, another tweets, "OH NO THEY TOOK #that70sshow OFF OF NETFLIX!!! I haven't finished it!!!!"

Several more tweets use Red Forman's "dumbass" catch phrase to describe Netflix for removing That 70s Show from its streaming service. Even more continue to express the fandom's overall displeasure in seeing the series go. "How dare Netflix remove my emotional support sitcom," one fan laments, with other tweets describing the comedy series as a personal comfort show.

It's not clear as to exactly why That 70s Show got booted by the streamer, but it might just mean that Netflix failed to renew the contract to keep the series. In December of last year, it was reported by Deadline that the show was entering the final year of its overall deal with Netflix. We have begun conversations. "Because Netflix is the incumbent for That 70s Show, we will give them plenty of opportunity to renew it," Jim Kraus, President of Carsey-Werner TV Distribution, said at the time. "I think they would like to keep the show, but there are at least 3-4 other places interested. With all the interest that has been expressed, if we cannot come to an agreement with Netflix, we will move on."

With Kraus' comments from last year in mind, the show leaving Netflix could suggest that it will soon wind up on another streaming service, such as HBO Max or Hulu. However, as of now, the series doesn't appear to be streaming on any other subscription service. Of course, the option is always there to purchase the DVD collections, or to buy the episodes digitally on Amazon.

That 70s Show isn't the only popular title to leave Netflix in September. All seven seasons of the popular fantasy series Once Upon a Time have also been removed from the streaming service. The end of the month will also see the removals of popular movies like Jurassic Park, Million Dollar Baby, and Schindler's List. However, the month did bring in other television shows to watch, such as Sister, Sister, along with movies like Pineapple Express, The Muppets, Barbershop, and the return of the Back to the Future trilogy. You can watch those titles and more now over at Netflix, even if our nights hanging out at the Forman family home on the streaming service has come to an end.