This story contains major spoilers. Netflix found an unexpected success story on its hands with the first season of the recently-released show Teenage Bounty Hunters, about a pair of teenage fraternal twin sisters Blair and Sterling, who end up joining forces with a local bounty hunter. Anjelica Bette Fellini, who plays the role of Blair, revealed to Collider how surprised she had been to discover at the end of the season that (SPOILER WARNING!) Blair and Sterling are not actually sisters.

"I did not know. They kept that secret from us. They were very close to the chest about that. I believe that it's possible that only the producers, Kathleen and Virginia Williams knew, and then they eventually brought [Mackenzie Astin] into it, as you start to see how withholding the information from the girls affects their father. But they didn't tell anyone, so nobody told us. We were shocked. I remember Maddie texted me and was like, "Are you my cousin?! [Showrunner] Kathleen [Jordan] is a sick woman!" So, we definitely shared a laugh over that."

After celebrating the strong bond, bordering on codependency, between Blair and Sterling throughout the season, the creators of Teenage Bounty Hunters pulled the rug out from under the feet of audiences by revealing that Sterling might be the daughter of Blair's aunt, who is, in turn, the identical twin sister of the woman Sterling had until now known as her mother. It's a very murky bit of family drama that the show's lead pair find themselves embroiled in, and Fellini is looking forward to exploring the plot point in the second season.

"We're excited to see what happens. I'm excited about what these girls are going to get up to, after this. It's definitely a good plotline for these girls to explore. I can only imagine what this information is going to do to their psyches. As an actor, that's a fantastic thing to explore, thinking they're a twin, for their entire life and then having that reality ripped out from under them. I've never had a chance to do that, so I would be excited, as an actor, to explore it."

While the two are sisters (we think) and share a very close bond, Blair and Sterling are quite distinct personalities who have their own separate ways of coping with distressing new developments in their lives. As far as Blair is concerned, Fellini hopes the issue of her sister's true heritage will help her character become more independent. The actress had this to say about the Netflix original.

"I definitely think that the idea of exploring non-co-dependency would be interesting for her and that's probably something that they will incorporate because Blair is very codependent. In Episode 4, she says, "I'm surprised my love didn't absorb you in the womb." The sisters are co-dependent, so I'm sure that this information will force them to take a look at themselves, as independent only children, and not sisters. Also, personally for me, as I think about how Blair is going to feel about this, I hope that she learns a little bit about forgiveness 'cause I have a feeling that she's going to be pretty upset about this."

This news was first reported on by Collider.