The Wolfpack is back! Get ready for the final ten episodes of the
 popular MTV drama Teen Wolf, which not only brings Season 6 to its rousing conclusion, but also brings the entire saga to an end for Scott, Stiles and his friends. We recently caught up with star and show heartthrob Tyler Posey, who plays Scott on the show, to chat about the new villains, the big ending and the possibility of a revival in a few short years, after the gang gets done with college.

Tyler Posey has received awards for his role as Scott McCall on Teen Wolf, including a Teen Choice Award for 'Choice Male Summer TV Star,' as well as an ALMA Award for 'Favorite TV Actor.' Now, he faces one of the biggest challenges of his career as he brings Teen Wolf to a proper close.

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Premiering Sunday, July 30th at 8pm, the final ten episodes of Teen Wolf Season 6 find Scott and his pack on the eve of their departure for college, as they discover a new enemy rising in the shadows, which threatens the fate of everything they hold dear. The series is loosely based on the 1985 film of the same name. Most recently Tyler Posey was named one of Variety's "Power of Youth" honorees.

Some of his most recent movie features include Kevin Smith's Yoga HosersScary Movie 5, starring Charlie Sheen and Molly Shannon, and the two shot films Taco Shop, alongside Eric Roberts (The Dark Knight) and Laura Harring (Mulholland Drive), and White Frog, co-starring Booboo Stewart (The Twilight Saga) and Talulah Riley (Pride & Prejudice). His previous feature work includes films such as Collateral Damage alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger, Maid in Manhattan with Jennifer Lopez, and the Independent WWE film Legendary with Patricia Clarkson.

Always a fun interview, Tyler Posey answered the most burning question first. After having starred in the second installment of The True North trilogy Yoga Hosers, will he back in Moose Jaws from director Kevin Smith? He sure hopes so. But that's for the future. First, it's time to talk about Teen Wolf and what it means to bring this all to an end for fans and the stars of the show itself. This season, Scott and his pack are facing off against their worst enemy yet. Humans. But the main hunter this time around won't be the only enemy as Scott prepares to head off to college. During his Comic-Con interviews, Tyler previously stated the following.

"We're bringing it back to like, the simple days of Teen Wolf where it's just werewolves and hunters. We kind of do something that we've never done before, and then we go back to our roots when it was just hunters and werewolves."

That means a true return to the roots of the show. Something Tyler talks extensively about in our exclusive video interview. He also extrapolated on the fact that there is a new psychological villain this time out. Previously he revealed this about the threat.

"There's a bunch of different villains in this season, kind of. There's a psychological kind of villain that's more of like, a feeling than anything."

Here, Tyler Posey opens up about exactly what that villain is and how it plays into the fear of heading off to college. Tyler is also very candid about wanting to come back for a revival series sometime in the future. And reveals that MTV has big plans for carrying Teen Wolf into the future, which may bring a spin-off sooner than you think. You can checkout our exclusive interview in the video included here.