The Walking Dead Season 9 preview as well as the Talking Dead will have Yvette Nicole Brown taking over hosting duties while Chris Hardwick is under investigation by AMC. The change is a result of Hardwick being accused of sexual assault as well as emotional abuse by former girlfriend Chloe Dykstra. Dykstra wrote a lengthy article about her relationship with Hardwick that painted the host in a pretty bad light, leading AMC to open an investigation. As with most claims, there are many who side with Dykstra while others stand with Hardwick over the matter.

The Walking Dead Season 9 preview will air on August 5th, while Talking Dead will return after the premiere of Fear the Walking Dead on August 12th with new guest host Yvette Nicole Brown. Brown is a frequent guest on Talking Dead as well as other AMC after-show programs, and is a crowd favorite. She is often seen with a binder of notes about a particular show. In addition to replacing Chris Hardwick on Talking Dead, she will also take over his hosting duties during next week's San Diego Comic-Con.

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There is no word on how long Yvette Nicole Brown will handle the hosting duties of Talking Dead at this time. However, Brown did release a statement on Twitter about taking over Chris Hardwick's Comic-Con hosting duties. She states that she's just taking over for a while and still calls Hardwick a friend. Brown also says that she is not angling for a new job. Brown explains.

"I will say this once. I am filling in for a friend, which I have done before. I am not jockeying for a job. I have enough of my own. It is my prayer that God's will is done in the midst of this process & that everyone is okay. My character is known & sound. Nothing has changed."

Chris Hardwick has denied all of the allegations from Chloe Dykstra and has had his mother-in-law, Patty Hearst, defend him publicly as well as ex-girlfriend Jacinda Barrett. Barrett states that her four-year relationship with Hardwick is nothing at all like the one that Dykstra detailed. Barrett went on to say that everybody deserves a voice during times like these and doesn't agree with the way that Hardwick has been treated in the press.

There's no telling how long AMC will continue to investigate Chloe Dykstra's claims against Chris Hardwick, but in the meantime, Yvette Nicole Brown will take over his hosting duties for Talking Dead, The Walking Dead Season 9 preview, and the Comic-Con panel next week. At the very least, fans of the Talking Dead show will be happy that Brown is the one temporarily replacing Hardwick since she's already a fan-favorite. This is a developing story and more news is expected to be announced soon. You can read more about Yvette Nicole Brown replacing Chris Hardwick at The Hollywood Reporter.