The upcoming spinoff series Tales of the Walking Dead will bring back characters from the past for special one-off episodes, but don't count on seeing Michael Rooker return as Merle Dixon. Although The Walking Dead will end in 2022 after a supersized eleventh season, the universe will expand by way of multiple spinoff series. What we know about Tales of the Walking Dead is that it will follow a new story in every episode, opening the door for any character from previous seasons to appear for a prequel story that's set in the past.

At the start of The Walking Dead, Micheal Rooker served as one of the series' earliest villains. As Merle Dixon, Rooker clashed with Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) in Season 1. After getting a knife for a hand and teaming up with the Governor (David Morrissey) in Woodbury, Merle and Rick's group would square off again in the third season. After switching sides and joining his brother Daryl (Norman Reedus) in Rick's group, Merle sacrificed himself in an attempt to stop the Governor from carrying out his assault on the prison.

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Although Merle Dixon left the series a bit too soon, the way he went brought about a satisfying end for the character. Rooker seems to agree, and as revealed in a video interview with, the actor says he wouldn't be interested in revisiting Merle's story.\

"Actually, I'm not interested in doing a one-off. I wouldn't be interested in that. I wish them all of the luck in the world, and I love the story. That's why I wanted to do it in the beginning. But I think Merle had a great sendoff as well... I don't know what we could have done to make it better."

With Merle getting proper closure and without any way to really continue the character's development in any meaningful way, Rooker appears to have long moved on from The Walking Dead. This doesn't mean we still won't see him in the midst of another kind of savage apocalypse. He can now be seen in the new post-apocalyptic adventure movie Love and Monsters by director Michael Matthews. Instead of zombies, the world is overrun by animals transformed into large monsters. Dylan O'Brien, Ariana Greenblatt, and Jessica Henwick also star.

Meanwhile, Merle's younger brother Daryl is still going as strong as ever on The Walking Dead The announcement of Norman Reedus getting a new spinoff series alongside Melissa McBride as Carol Peletier essentially confirms that both characters will survive beyond the eleventh and final season. Though Merle has now been dead for many years, he still gets the occasional reference from his brother, keeping him around in some small way.

John Carroll Lynch as Eastman and Michael Cudlitz as Abraham Ford have also come up as rumored possibilities for dead characters to be featured on Tales of the Walking Dead. Certainly, other popular characters like Glenn (Steven Yeun) and Carl (Chandler Riggs) are also possibilities. It's not yet clear when Tales of the Walking Dead will air. This news comes to us from