With Tales of the Walking Dead opening the door for deceased characters from the franchise to return, there's no better time to bring back Steven Yeun for one last go as Glenn Rhee. Recently, it was announced that The Walking Dead will end in 2022 after an eleventh and final season, but the franchise will continue with various spinoffs. One such spinoff series, dubbed Tales of the Walking Dead, will serve as an anthology series with a new story told in every single episode.

"Yes, there's going to be stories told with old favorites," The Walking Dead boss Scott M. Gimple said of the planned series. While this does confirm that we'll be seeing characters from the past starring in untold stories from the Walking Dead universe, Gimple stops short of revealing exactly which fan favorites might appear. With so many characters who've come and gone over the years, there's definitely no shortage of favorites to revisit. But there's probably no one character that fans wouldn't want to see more than Glenn, who was played by Yeun for six full seasons.

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It would seem that The Walking Dead producers underestimated the popularity of Yeun's character. As a staple of the series from the very start, Glenn was consistently one of the main reasons so many millions of fans kept tuning in to every single episode. His relationship with Maggie could also be seen as one of the highlights of the zombie drama, providing a glimmer of hope in an otherwise hopeless world. While Daryl Dixon may have been featured on most of the merchandise, most fans seemed to love Glenn just as much, if not more so.

Things went south for Glenn when he was killed by Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Negan in the beginning of the show's seventh season, in a death scene that drew a lot of criticism for its extreme violence. Even though Glenn died at the same point in the comics, his television death was also seen as pointless by many fans, as Michael Cudlitz' Abraham Ford was also killed by Negan moments prior. In any case, the shocking death scene turned off millions of viewers, and this was the moment fans started departing the show in droves.

Some Walking Dead actors have returned to reprise their roles in special appearances at various points in the series. This includes Jon Bernthal, who returned as Shane Walsh in Andrew Lincoln's final episode as Rick Grimes. As Maggie is still around, the door has always been open for Yeun to show up in a flashback or hallucination sequence. Still, Yeun has not appeared on the show since Glenn's death in 2016.

Along with old characters, Tales of the Walking Dead will also be introducing new characters in their own standalone stories. Gimple has also teased that some of them might even be animated, as the idea is to present something completely new and unexpected to viewers every week. There are countless directions the producers can go with this concept, but even so, there's no one episode of the anthology series that would get Walking Dead fans more excited than the return of Glenn Rhee. Just give us one solo episode of Yeun back in the role for one last go, so The Walking Dead can really give Glenn the proper sendoff he deserves.