Listen up, all you boys and ghouls! Some very awesome props from the iconic HBO horror anthology series Tales from the Crypt are now up for auction. And they can be yours if the price is right. Makeup effects legend Kevin Yagher is emptying his garage, and dusting off some iconic pieces of TV history. And they include the creepy baby Crypt Keeper. Who wouldn't want this little darling crawling around the house?

Kevin Yagher is credited with designing and executing the original Chucky doll for Child's Play. But perhaps a bigger part of his legacy is the fact that he designed the iconic Crypt Keeper, the animatronic host of HBO's legendary series Tales from the Crypt. The man's list of credits is incredibly impressive. He created Station for Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey, and is responsible for the fan-favorite redesign Freddy Krueger received in A Nightmare on Elm Street 2. Now, some of his greatest creations can be yours, if you have deep enough pockets.


Kevin Yagher, who directed the underrated sequel Hellraiser: Bloodline, is one of the historical leaders in the practical effects industry. He has started to open up his archives, and is now sharing some photos and memories on social media. He's also opened up a cool online shop, where he is selling many of his one-of-a-kind creations. These are all true pieces of art that were used on screen.

Yagher just recently opened up a Tales from the Crypt section in his shop. The items include the mechanical baby Crypt Keeper that was featured in the episode Lower Berth. This episode is rather notable because Kevin Yagher himself directed it. He is also auctioning off the two-faced head from the same episode. And he has a recreation of Jon Lovitz's face from the episode Top Billing.


Yagher goes onto note that the Crypt Keeper baby understructure was screen used. Perhaps most notable is that the baby has a set of eyes that were borrowed from an original Chucky puppet, as seen in Child's Play, and never returned. Lower Berth is notable in that it tells the story of the Crypt Keeper's birth. The animatronic used to be covered in foam latex skin, but rotted away over time.

Also up for auction is a Vincent Schiavelli head that was screen used in the episode Mourin' Mess, where Vincent plays a homeless man who gets eaten by ghouls. There are also a set of three more masks from this Tales from the Crypt episode which are based on the likeness of Tom Hank's wife Rita Wilson, Frank Kopyc and Nick Angotti, who all appeared in the episode with Schiavelli.


Along with Tales from the Crypt, Kevin Yagher also has quite a few very cool props available from Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey, including the original Station heads. He also has items for Hellraiser: Bloodline, Man's Best Friend, and a few selected pieces from Starship Troopers. If you want to make an offer to get these items in your home, you can visit Kevin Yagher's online shop.

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