Last year, John Carpenter signed a deal with Universal Cable Productions (UCP) that would see the master of horror executive produce scripted programming for networks and streaming services. Carpenter then began developing a series based on his graphic novel horror anthology comic book Tales for a Halloween Night for SyFy. He was set to direct the pilot episode and the search for a writer began. But now Carpenter's wife and President of Storm King Productions Sandy King says it looks like the planned anthology series is dead in the water.

Sandy King says this.

"SYFY wanted Tales for a Halloween Night but it quickly became evident that they just wanted the title. And I really saw a disaster on the horizon. So I went, 'No, no, no. This is not a good idea.' It was a greenlit series but if it's not gonna be something cool for the fans and for the eventual audience, then I don't think it's a good idea to do it."

But isn't there some way that they can make it work with SyFy. Nope. King puts the final nail in that particular coffin by confirming this.

"It's dead."

King goes on to explain.

"I think we have a pretty good idea what our fans want to see and we definitely have a pretty good idea what should come out from. If somebody's a fan of that anthology, there should be a character to any show that comes out of shouldn't be just barfing up the books. It should be something that grows out of it or has a flavor of it or in some way meets the expectations or why are we giving it that title? Call it 'Bozo Goes To Mars' or something else."

All of that said, King isn't saying here today that the possibility of a Tales for a Halloween Night anthology series is dead altogether. In fact, she seems to be optimistic that one will happen somewhere else in the future, saying this.

"It's all cool. We can do another series but I think if you use that title, you should in some way meet those expectations. So we'll see. It doesn't mean something can't be done but at its core, the people we work with have to respect horror fans and respect the genre. That's the core of it. Not just respect the fact that horror right now makes money. And that's something you really have to be willing to walk away from. When you look at it and go, 'Nah, no, it's not good enough.' There are times you just have to sit there and go, 'Seriously, why did you think that was a good idea?' And if you're me, you have to be prepared for everybody to be pissed off about it."

For those of you that somehow are unaware, John Carpenter is responsible for some of the absolute greatest genre films of all-time. His list of flicks includes (but is not limited to) Halloween, The Thing, The Fog, Assault on Precinct 13, They Live, Escape from New York, Escape from L.A., Big Trouble in Little China, In the Mouth of Madness, Prince of Darkness, Christine, Vampires, and Dark Star. Other lesser works include a remake of Village of the Damned, Ghosts of Mars, and most recently The Ward. Hell, they can't all be winners, right? This update comes to us from