Drawing from classic Renaissance artwork, Syfy has debuted their stylish first poster for the upcoming series Dominion, which we reported last week will debut Thursday, June 19. Christopher Egan stars as a young soldier who discovers he may hold the key to humanity's survival, when a group of rogue angels attack Earth. Take a look at the artwork, then read on for more details about the inspiration for this artwork from Syfy's James Spence.

Dominion Promo Art

The story is set 25 years after "The Extinction War" depicted in Legion, centering on the city of Vega, an empire that has been formed out of the ashes of Las Vegas. When asked about what inspired this poster's creation, James Spence had this to say, comparing the artwork to Banksy's artwork.

"I got the idea for the Dominion posters from thinking about how the show brings together something classical - angels - with something contemporary - Vegas. Much like Banksy when he subverted classical paintings. I thought it would be really compelling to subvert a classic image of an angel with a contemporary image of a gunfight (of which there are many in the show!). We worked with photographer Peter Lippmann to build up our image. Peter is a master of shooting images that look like they've been painted. The result is an image that at first glance appears like a renaissance image - the light, color and form of the image adheres to all the classic tropes - but on second glance it's anything but."