The first full-length trailer for DC's Swamp Thing has dropped and it's pretty scary. Last week, it was revealed the production had abruptly stopped, which means we're only getting 10 episodes instead of the original plan of 13. While many believed the news means there's some trouble for the show, the studio immediately released a teaser with our first look at the monster, which was enough to drum up some considerable hype in the process. Of course, the teaser and the recently released trailer may be some really good damage control as writers reportedly scramble to rewrite the last episode.

While last week's Swamp Thing tease was rather brief, it did give us our first look at the monster. The new trailer is twice as long and it shows producer James Wan going back to his horror roots. There's some body horror, Alec Holland's transformation into the monster, some underwater screaming, regular screaming, some hunting, and a lot more. There's a lot to take in and it should make fans who were already excited for the series premiere at the end of the month even more hyped for it.

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Swamp Thing follows Abby Arcane as she investigates what seems to be a deadly swamp-born virus in a small town in Louisiana, which is teased at the beginning of the trailer. However, Arcane soon finds that the swamp holds mystical and horrifying secrets and a lot more than she bargained for. DC Universe will premiere the show on May 31st, so we should expect to receive some more promotional material between now and then. It's already looking like the early response to last week's teaser has been positive, so maybe the show will make it to Season 2.

Actor Andy Bean portrays Alec Holland, the biologist who discovers some dark things lurking in the swamp and is later transformed into the monster. When he is in monster form, Derek Mears, who has played Jason Voorhees, will be the man under all of the makeup and prosthetics. In addition to Mears and Bean, Swamp Thing stars Crystal Reed, Virginia Madsen, Maria Sten, Jeryl Prescott, Jennifer Beals, Will Patton, Kevin Durand, and Ian Ziering. It's unclear at this time what the cause of the production stop was, but the last episode of the season may be the series finale.

Aquaman director James Wan is on board as producer on the Swamp Thing series and he brought along The Nun director Gary Dauberman to produce and co-write with Mark Verheiden. While the series is technically in the superhero genre, this is going to highlight the horror aspects of the tale more than anything and the latest trailer proves it. The show may end up getting some unexpected horror fans on board when it premieres next month. While we wait, you can check out the Swamp Thing trailer below, thanks to the DC YouTube channel.