Nathaniel Buzolic and Lucien Laviscount have taken the lead in The CW's upcoming Supernatural spin-off titled Supernatural: Tribes.

The show is written by Andrew Dabb and directed by Robert Singer. It centers on various monster crime families that do business under the noses of humans. Based in the underbelly of Chicago, the families are tracked by Hunter, who tries to stop and them and eradicte the city of anything supernatural.

Nathaniel Buzolic will portray shape-shifter David Hayden, who comes from one of the city's ruling families. Lucien Laviscount has taken the role of the police academy trainee Ennis Roth, whose finacee is killed during a war with the monsters. He discovers the supernatural force and becomes a monster hunter himself.

Both actors have previously worked on CW shows. Nathaniel Buzolic had a role on The Vampire Diaries with Lucien Laviscount appearing in a pilot for the netowrk entitled The Selection.

Supernatural: Tribes is set to premiere as a planted pilot during the April 29th, 2014 episode of Supernatural. If it is a hit, it will likely get a series order in Fall 2014.