Supernatural showrunner Andrew Dabb says the final season of Supernatural is "the end of these characters' journey." Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki have frequently teased that the Winchester Brothers could come back sooner rather than later, but Dabb seems to be casting doubt on that idea, at least for the foreseeable future. Dabb had this to say when asked what he meant by penning a "true ending" to the series.

"What that means is that it's not something where an hour or so is over and the last shot will be Dean turning toward the camera and winking. It's not something where we'll be back in a year and a half for a movie. This is the end of these characters' journey."

This could be some bad news for Supernatural fans, but they have known for quite a while that this was the end of the line. It's always possible that Andrew Dabb and crew will reunite at some point down the line, but it appears that it might be a little longer than most fans want. Dabb was also asked about possible cameos from past characters in the final episodes, which are set to debut later this week. He explains.

"It depends. Our show is very weird. Every show has a nostalgia cycle. It airs, it goes off the air for five or six years. What they are doing with Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars right now, they are remaking them within five years of them being off the air. Supernatural is weird because we are our own nostalgia cycle. We've caught up with it. We've been around for so long. The idea of going back to old characters and things like that is a tool in our toolbox, but we always want to do it with a purpose."

Andrew Dabb did not confirm, nor deny that the final episodes of Supernatural will have cameos, but he sure seems adamant that the show will not be remade in the next five years, which fans will likely see as good news. He also addressed rewrites that went down during the show's lengthy break earlier this year. "It's weird because we did rewriting, but we didn't do a lot of what I would call 'big rewriting,'" says Dabb. "Because of COVID, we knew early on we were going to try and shoot things outside. We adjusted the scripts with an eye toward that."


From the sound of things, the Supernatural crew were able to do more reflecting on the end of the series, as opposed to any crazy rewrites. "As far as big moves and things like that, we didn't really change them. We changed the path it took us to get there," reveals Andrew Dabb. However, there were some tweaks made at the last minute. Dabb continues, "The final scenes, obviously those are big pivotal scenes, so Jared and Jensen weighed in, along with director Bob Singer."

When it comes down to it, any changes made to the final episodes of Supernatural were reflective. Andrew Dabb says, "We made some tweaks there based on what everyone was feeling emotionally at that point." Supernatural returns with a brand-new episode on Thursday, October 8th, exclusively on The CW. The series finale will air on November 19th. You can check out the rest of the interview with Andrew Dabb over at SyFy.