After 15 years, more than 300 episodes, as well as a lot of tears and laughter, The CW's Supernatural is finally over. Chuck has been defeated, a new God has taken his place, and every other character's fate has been revealed...or so we thought. Looks like the pandemic didn't just delay the production of the series' final season and change what the writers actually planned the finale to be like, but also made them miss out on providing a conclusion to a major plot point that had been heavily implied in the mid-season finale. 

[SPOILERS AHEAD for Supernatural Season 15}

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If we list the fate of characters that matter in Supernatural, their fate, whether presented, verbally announced, or otherwise implied, has been specified. We know Donna, AU Charlie, her girlfriend, Eileen, AU Bobby, and many others who had been dusted away by Chuck's Thanos snap have been reinstated by the new God, Jack. John and Mary Winchester are together in Heaven, Bobby has been rescued from Heaven's prison by Jack and now is happily living in paradise, and Rufus lives just a few miles away. 

The series finale saw Dean in Heaven himself and Sam joining him after having a family, raising a kid, and living a full life. While it isn't explained in detail, it is subtly made known that Castiel is no longer confined in the Empty as Bobby discloses that the angel and Jack together created the upgraded version of Heaven, thus implying that new Almighty rescued him. 

While Supernatural gives an answer to all the questions it ever raised, one rather big plot point still remains unresolved-- the fate of Rowena, the new Queen of Hell. 

Season 15 had heavily hinted a steadily brewing demonic rebellion against Rowena.

The final season had plenty of filler episodes, including its Episode 15, "Gimme Shelter" which saw the Winchesters tracking Amara, who was in Atlantic City and Castiel and Jack on a seemingly simple case about a young teen's murder in Missouri. But then they discover more murders, conducted in gruesome ways that depict a different sin of the victim and another abduction takes place. The common connection is that all the victims are connected to the faith-based group, Patchwork Community Center run by Pastor Joe. Helming a case for the first time, Jack is sure that the case has demonic presence written all over it. So, the duo summons a crossroads demon, hoping to weasel out some answers from him. 

But Zack, the demon who appears, has no idea about the grisly murders (though he is very impressed with the style of the killer) and assures that there is nothing demonic about them, as Rowena isn't allowing his kind to have "fun" anymore. So, no demon, not even the crossroad demons, are allowed to make deals as according to the latest Queen of Hell's strict rule, "people end up where they belong." In fact, he is bored to the point that he even offers to tag along with Cas and Jack on their murder investigation. 

As the scene quickly shifts to Cas and Jack trying to figure out what to do next, it is easier to forget the obvious frustration in the demon's confession that making deals with humans for their souls is off the table these days. But it resurfaces, that too in a rather sinister fashion. 

Towards the end, it is revealed that there is indeed no supernatural evil at play as it has been the pastor's daughter, Sylivia, who has been dolling out her own brand of justice against people for their petty sins. After Castiel subdues her, she is arrested for her crimes and is taken away in a police car but not before we get it see who is driving the car-- it's Zack, posing as the driver. As his eyes flash scarlet and he smiles smugly, it isn't hard to deduce that the rogue demon has some nefarious plan in action. Also, it is hardly a coincidence that the pastor's daughter had been committing the murders based on the seven deadly sins. 

But we never get to know the end of this evil scheme-- where does Zack take Sylvia and how is she going to be instrumental in his plausible plan to concoct a major rebellion to overthrow Rowena's regime in Hell is never addressed. 

So, maybe Supernatural simply let this particular plot arc slide, given the major delays in production and the looming deadline of wrapping up the story. Or it could be an open backdoor for a potential sister series of the long-running The CW show as even though Supernatural hasn't had the best luck in branching into spinoffs (anyone remembers The Wayward Sisters?), it's Rowena MacLeod we are talking about after all. The human-turned-witch-turned-Queen-of-Hell has all the appeal a spinoff series needs to take off. 

And even if Supernatural has no plans to ever tie up that loose end, it is fun to imagine how Crowley's mommy dearest may deal with the demonic rebellion waiting to ruffle up her hellish throne. But knowing Rowena, we can say that the crafty demons are in for one nasty surprise. You can binge on the latest episodes of Supernatural, currently streaming on Netflix in various parts of the world or download them right now at