Supernatural season 15 will resume in the fall. The final season production was interrupted for obvious reasons back in March, which led to producers pulling the plug on airing new episodes. The season's 13th episode, Destiny's Child, was the last to air and fans have been wondering how long it was going to be before they were able to see the rest of the episodes. The fall relaunch was announced during The CW's upfronts scheduling call earlier this morning. No firm premiere date has been officially announced as of this writing.

Supernatural executive producer Andrew Dabb previously revealed that the series had shot through episode 18 before having to call it quits. With that being said, they did not have the special effects and audio completed on several episodes and that work had to stop too. They had just started shooting episode 19 when everything came to a halt, so when they are able to, the cast and crew will have to shoot and complete the final two episodes. Dabb went on to say, "However, we have some special treats coming along the way -- to help us all get through this."


As for what those surprises will be, that is unclear at the moment. The cast and crew were all preparing to say goodbye on episodes 19 and 20, so it has been a bit bittersweet to have to wait it all out again. With that being said, it also extends their time together, though they can't really be in the same room at the moment. Supernatural star Jensen Ackles says that there is a silver lining because they all get to go back and recharge before starting up again, meaning the stories and performances will all be improved with extra thought being given to them.

Jensen Ackles went even further noting, "I feel like this almost gives us an opportunity to refocus and go into the last two episodes and hit them with everything we got." This should keep Supernatural fans excited to see how it all comes to an end. With no release date in sight, other than the fall announcement, there is also no announcement as to when they will be able to go back and start work on the final two episodes.


It is possible that things will get back to some form of normalcy in the fall, which will give the Supernatural cast and crew several weeks to finish the final two episodes. New Zealand and the U.K. are already starting to test the waters with getting back to work on Hollywood productions, but we have yet to see anything go back at this time. Regardless, The CW seems confident that Supernatural season 15 will be ready to go before the end of the year. Just like everything else at the moment, fans are going to have to be patient. The official Supernatural Twitter account was the first to reveal the season 15 news.