Production on Supernatural season 15 is officially underway. The team revealed the news late last night with a behind-the-scenes image of Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki. The crew are preparing to shoot the final two episodes of the series, which was postponed back in March. Ackles and Padalecki kept fans up to date while on lockdown, and Ackles admitted that he thought the break would be a positive thing for the final two episodes of the series.

The new look at Supernatural season 15 comes after The CW announced the final season would be returning this fall, with the series finale landing in November with a one-hour special retrospective, Supernatural: The Long Way Home, airing beforehand. Fans of the beloved show were starting to get more than a little worried that the final two episodes might not get finished, though the crew has always maintained that it was going to happen at some point down the line. The public health crisis put everything in Hollywood on hold, and made it to where the final episode of Empire never made it to the fans.


Back in April, Jensen Ackles said, "Essentially, we just pressed a giant pause button. We were one day into our second to last episode, and we were so close. I just keep chalking it up, we were 15 years in and it's the show that will never end." While it was disappointing to see Supernatural get shut down, there are 7 more episodes for fans to look forward to, which stretched the final season to one year.

In addition to having to wait, Jensen Ackles and crew were able to fine tune their roles for the final two episodes after getting to sit on the storylines longer. This should make for a better experience for the cast and crew, along with the fans who have been with the Winchester brothers for 15 seasons of adventures. The synopsis for the final season reads: "Now, heading into their 15th season, Sam and Dean find themselves facing a threat beyond anything they've ever grappled with... anything they've ever imagined: God himself." While that doesn't tease too much, it indicates that the stakes have never been higher.


Supernatural marks the first WBTV series to resume production in Vancouver. Netflix's Midnight Mass had already been going strong, with ABC's The Good Doctor resuming production soon. Canada seems to have a better hold on the public health crisis than the United States, which means that a lot of productions will more than likely end up crossing the border to get work done since it's not really safe to pull off in the United States just yet. The Supernatural Tape Ball Instagram page was the first to announce that season 15 was back up and running. You can check out the behind-the-scenes image above.