Supernatural is ending after season 15 and the cast is "struggling with a long goodbye." Star Misha Collins is blunt when asked about what it's like to be shooting the final episodes, though he and the rest of the cast knew it was going to be rough. Back when Collins, along with costars Jenson Ackles and Jared Padalecki made the announcement that the cult-favorite show was coming to an end, they were all holding back tears. They were all choked up during the show's final San Diego Comic-Con appearance a few weeks ago too.

"Every day is painful because every day is a new last," says Misha Collins when asked how shooting Supernatural season 15 is going. Collins then joked, "We're really trying to make the final season good for a change." Fans of the beloved show are just as sad as the cast to say goodbye, but Collins and crew are a bit closer to it all. "We're also just struggling with a long goodbye."

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It has to be tough for the Supernatural cast to get through the final season. They have all been together for 14 years now, which is huge because nobody saw the show lasting for as long as it has. In another recent interview, Jensen Ackles discussed the show not winning a bunch of awards or getting critical acclaim. He says none of that matters to him or the rest of the cast. Instead, he says, "our fans are better than any award." After receiving a standing ovation at Comic-Con, one can easily see what Ackles is referring to. He and the rest of the crew were all crying from the love they received from their fans.

As for how Supernatural will continue its charitable acts, Misha Collins doesn't think that aspect will stop with the show. Collins, Jensen Ackles, and Jared Padalecki started getting fans into worthy causes back in 2009 and it has only grown over the last decade. Collins believes the random acts of kindness will continue long after Supernatural comes to a close and hopes others will take inspiration. He explains.

"I think we have been cultivating that, but I would love to see that be a legacy. I would love to see other fandoms try to emulate Supernatural in terms of helping one another and helping the universe."

Trying to emulate the charitable fandom of Supernatural will not be an easy thing to achieve. However, it would be great to see new shows and fans try to get to that level of being able to help people in need. Season 15 will premiere October 15th on the CW and Jensen Ackles says the show will "end with a bang." For now, the cast and crew are working on finishing the final 20 episodes and trying to come to grips with the end of their massively popular show. The interview with Misha Collins was originally conducted by TV Guide.