A new Supernatural season 15 blooper has been released online. In the footage, we see Dean Winchester actor Jensen Ackles struggling with a beer. Season 15 was supposed to come to an end on May 18th, but the show's production was halted for obvious reasons. The last new episode aired on March 23rd and fans will have to wait until the fall to see how the series wraps things up. It's unclear at the moment when they'll be able to go back and shoot the final two episodes, though they might be able to do so by this fall.

In the latest Supernatural season 15 blooper, titled First Beer, we see Jensen Ackles walk over to a fridge and pull out a cold one. He opens the bottle with ease, but the beer foams to the top and begins spilling over his hand and on to the floor. The actor plays it cool until he goes to blow the foam off the top of the bottle, which he does with a straight face and then takes a swig.

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At this point, everything starts shaking and Jensen Ackles starts hamming it up for the camera, drinking the beer as if his life depends on it, only to start spitting it out on the ground. Misha Collins can be heard laughing in the background and even provides some narration. It's a brief clip, but it should be a treat for Supernatural fans who wish they could have seen the final episode a few days ago. Whatever the case may be, the devoted fandom now has something to look forward to in the fall.

Jensen Ackles previously stated that the break was going to be a good thing for the final two episodes of Supernatural. The actor says that they'll be able to have everything finetuned and prepared with a new perspective when they return to the material. Show boss Andrew Dabb has even teased that fans will have something else to look forward to, but did not go into detail about any surprises that may come up between now and the fall. The CW, along with the cast and crew are committed to giving the fans the ending they deserve.

Supernatural season 15 was unable to complete the post-production work on five episodes that had already been shot. The series contains a lot of VFX, so it was decided that March would be the last we would see of the show for a while. March is when a lot of the world shut down and things are only now starting to get back to some normalcy, though a lot of places are still closed for the time being. As people spend more time indoors, it leaves a great opportunity to go back and watch Supernatural from the beginning. You can check out the season 15 blooper above, thanks to the Shaving People Punting Things YouTube channel. Additionally, you can see a few more blooper from the latest season below.