The CW Network has released the first trailer for this new season of Supernatural, which comes just one day after the new Supernatural Season 13 poster that dropped yesterday. The trailer gives fans their first look a this season's villain, and also shows that the recent losses suffered by the Winchester Brothers have started to take their toll, with Dean even reaching out to God himself for help. If you aren't caught up with the series yet, there will be SPOILERS below, so read on at your own risk.

The Supernatural Season 12 finale was quite devastating for the Winchester's, since they lost Crowley (Mark Sheppard), who sacrificed himself, and their mother Mary Winchester, who was taken to a different world and trapped by the devil. With Crowley no longer watching over hell, a new spawn of Lucifer was born dubbed the Nephilim. While there isn't much known about about this character from the trailer, courtesy of The CW YouTube, except for his penchant for wearing all-white suits, executive producer Andrew Dabb shed some more light on this new villain in a recent interview.

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"There is a power vacuum. Into that power vacuum will step a new player for us. Once Crowley is gone, demon-kind and some of our players, some we've met before and some that are new, start asking themselves: What is the future of Hell? People come with various different agendas."

The trailer also featured a rather contrite Dean (Jensen Ackles) literally asking God for help, before getting rather upset that Sam (Jared Padalecki) wants to stop and get a "bag of curly fries" before destroying the world. The trailer also features several quick shots of the Winchester Brothers getting back to their demon-hunting ways, with Sam trying to encourage his brother that they can turn this all around and find a way, "because that's what we do." The final shots of the trailer introduce this new stranger in white, displaying his powers, a Supernatural version of the Star Wars force choke, before declaring himself the "new sheriff in town."

While we don't see much else in this trailer, this new season will set up a Supernatural spin-off entitled Wayward Sisters, with an unspecified episode of this season serving as a "back-door pilot" for the spin-off. The series centers on Sheriff Jody Mills, played by Kim Rhodes, who leads a group of troubled young women who have all been orphaned by supernatural tragedies. It has also been confirmed that the 16th episode this season will be an animated Scooby-Doo crossover. While we wait for more on Supernatural Season 13, take a look at the new trailer below.