The Season 11 finale of The CW's long-running hit Supernatural ended with quite the cliffhanger, with the re-emergence of Sam and Dean's mother Mary (Samantha Smith) found alive in the woods, wearing the same nightgown she had on the night she supposedly died. The Season 12 premiere will be a continuation of the Supernatural Season 11 finale cliffhanger, where Sam (Jared Padalecki) was seemingly shot by Toni (Elizabeth Blackmore), a member of the London Men of Letters. Today we have new photos from Supernatural Season 12, which give us a new look at the Winchester family, including their returning mother Mary.

The footage that was shown at Comic-Con also showed Dean being held up at gunpoint, while the footage ended with a voiceover of Mary saying "I never wanted this for you and Sam." We don't get too many details from these photos, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly, but we did learn at Comic-Con that the show has a new addition. Iconic musician Rick Springfield has come aboard to play Lucifer himself, but we don't know when we'll get our first look at this character.

The show's producers said at the SDCC panel that Lucifer is "going to try out a few different vessels" in Season 12. In Season 11, One of Lucifer's many different vessels is a "washed-up aging rock star" named Vince Vicente, played by Rick Springfield. He will appear in the first few episodes of Season 12. Rick Springfield shot his first scenes for the season just days before the Comic-Con panel. Here's what executive producer Andrew Dabb had to say about what will unfold with Lucifer in Season 12 of Supernatural, during the Comic-Con panel.

"Lucifer got what he wanted last season, his face-to-face with God (Rob Benedict). Now he's out in the world. We see Lucifer on vacation and he wants to have fun. This is a real role. Great actors have played this before like Mark Pellegrino and Misha Collins a little bit, so we needed someone who could act. Most rock stars can only sing and very few can act. If you've seen Ricki and The Flash or True Detective recently, [Springfield's] really great."

The Supernatural Season 12 premiere will air Thursday, October 13 at 9 PM ET on The CW. We'll be sure to keep you posted with new footage as soon as it debuts, ahead of this highly-anticipated season. Until then, check out these new photos featuring the Winchester brothers' long-lost mother Mary from Supernatural.

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