Reporting from a TCA press event, Screen Rant has learned that the milestone 200th episode of Supernatural will be a musical. It's not known if Sam and Dean, aka Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, will actually break out into song and dance, but the episode, which is tailor made for hardcore fans, will feature original songs as well as classic covers. Lets hope the Winchester Bros. are allowed to break into their own rendition of 'Carry On Wayward Son'.

Showrunner and producer Jeremy Carver divulged the information, saying that the episode wouldn't be entirely music-based. The plot of the episode is being kept under wraps for the time being, though it promises to be the most meta episode the series has ever attempted, and will surely bring a lot of laughs.

As the show heads into Season 10, Jeremy Carver confirms that the Demon Dean we saw at the end of last season will appear in a number of episodes, as this becomes an important story arc for the show. A new character will be introduced that takes a vested interest in Dean, while Sam spends the early part of the season searching for his brother. Castiel will be cleaning up the mess left by Metatron after his aborted plot to take over Heaven.

Last season of Supernatural contained an episode titled Bloodlines that was supposed to serve as a spin-off, but it wasn't well received by fans and didn't move forward as its own show. The CW president Mark Pedowitz confirms that they will try once again, possibly in Season 10, for another spin-off. But only when the creative team behind the show has the perfect idea.

Its not clear when Supernatural will come to a close, as its doing better now than ever before, and it continues to grow its fanbase. Jeremy Carver claims that he does have an endgame planned out, but that could very well change. He also acknowledges that series creator Eric Kripke had an ending mapped out that no one ever saw. It was originally intended to be the Supernatural Season 5 finale, as no one thought the show would continue to live on past that benchmark. Now that it has, its unclear how that ending would still be relevant.

None of the cast or crew want to commit to naming a year for the show to end. The showrunner stated,

"There's so much story left to tell...The show is continuing on beyond any of our wildest dreams and I don't want to limit myself."

Supernatural Season 10 debuts Tuesday, October 7, 2014.