Supernatural originally wanted to get horror icon Bruce Campbell to play the older version of John Winchester. The 300th episode did bring back Sam and Dean's father, but Jeffrey Dean Morgan returned to reprise the role. The CW series is finally finishing up production on its final two episodes up in Vancouver, Canada. Supernatural should have already come to an end, but the production was interrupted due to the ongoing health crisis.

In a new interview, Supernatural star Jensen Ackles talked about the past and the future of the show. The producers originally wanted to get Bruce Campbell to come on board and play the older version of John Winchester, though it doesn't seem like the actor was interested in joining the gang for its 300th episode. Ackles had this to say about the matter and how they got Jeffrey Dean Morgan to come back instead.

"They actually went out to Bruce Campbell to play Present-Day Dad. That was the only person that they wanted. Ultimately, they couldn't make it happen, whether it was [because of his] schedule or whatever. So they kind of threw their hands up in the air, and [were] like, 'Well, maybe we can just age Jeff up and have him come back and play an older version of himself."

In the end, Supernatural fans were ecstatic to see Jeffrey Dean Morgan return to his Supernatural family after so many years away. Jensen Ackles also went on to address the future of the series, which he has done a few times in the past. "I've always thought that there's a possibility of five years down the road, getting the call saying, 'Hey let's do a little short order action for a streaming network' and bringing it back for six episodes," says the actor. He continues, "I do feel like this isn't the long goodbye right now. I feel like this is, 'Let's hang this in the closet for now, and we'll dust her off down the road a bit.'"


As for the iconic 1967 Impala from the show, Jensen Ackles revealed that he will be taking it home to Texas when Supernatural wraps production on the final two episodes of season 15. "I'm gonna clean her up, but not change anything," Ackles said. "I'm gonna need to add an air conditioning unit because we live in Texas. I'm probably gonna get some new speakers, [and] a radio system in there that actually works. But everything else, I'm gonna leave the creak in the doors, the splits in the seats." If and when the show does return, Ackles will be ready with the car and some minor upgrades.

Supernatural season 15 is gearing up to finish the series. The final episodes will begin airing Thursday, October 8th. The grand finale is set to air Thursday, November 19th as part of a two hour event. The CW will air the retrospective Supernatural: The Long Road Home, followed by the final episode of the series. While the show is coming to an end, it doesn't sound like it will be forever. You can check out the interview with Jensen Ackles above, thanks to the Inside of You With Michael Rosenbaum YouTube channel.