Today we're taking a look at a newly-released clip from the final season of Supernatural. Sam (Jared Padalecki), and Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles), gather at the Men of Letters bunker, where they are taking the time to remember their dearly departed loved ones for one the final times. Together the brothers clink a pair of beers together and offer one last toast to the ones who are no longer with them.

What viewers may recall about the episode, in the original exchange that aired, the Winchester brothers raised their beers to their fallen loved ones with a simple, "To everyone that we've lost along the way." Yet in this newly released exclusive extension of the scene from season 15, episode 19, the Winchester brothers toast the fallen angel Castiel. Also mentioned is their half-brother Adam, along with Kelly, Bobby, and John. Many of Supernatural's characters who had passed on remained so after this point. They were all part of a community in paradise, ready and waiting for Dean when he was killed during the series finale a week later.

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The moments that led up to the scene... Castiel had just sacrificed himself after professing his love to Dean, and Jack, whom they believed had been destroyed (he then got better), as well as the brothers' mother. In the episode, "Inherit the Earth," the Winchester brothers had upset god (Rob Benedict), and in response, he retaliated by wiping out all life on Earth except the pair of them along with a stray dog they find.

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Produced by Kripke Enterprises, Inc. in association with Warner Bros. Television, the long-running 15 season series was created by Eric Kripke (Revolution, Timeless), and executive produced in its final season by Robert Singer (Timecop, Lois & Clark), Andrew Dabb, Robert Berens (Doom Patrol), Brad Buckner, and Eugenie Ross-Leming (Lois & Clark). This comes from TVLine.