Supernatural star Jared Padalecki has spoken out on social media for the first time since his arrest at the end of October. The actor was not able to attend the convention for the beloved show in Washington D.C. over the weekend. While Padalecki wasn't able to attend, many of his co-stars did and Alexander Calvert and Jake Abel came in specifically to fill in for him. Jensen Ackles took some time during the convention to make light of the situation, even gently teasing his co-star and long-time friend.

While Jared Padalecki showed up to the set of Supernatural last week, he was not able to attend the convention for the series. "I want to sincerely thank my family and friends for all of your love and support. So sad to miss the #SPNFamily at #dccon but I hope to see y'all soon," said the Supernatural star on social media in his first post since Jared Padalecki's arrest. A quick look through fan messages to him show fans wishing him well and sending him love in return. The Supernatural cast has a bond with their fans that is truly special.

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While Jared Padalecki wasn't able to attend the Supernatural convention in D.C., after Jensen Ackles posed as Batman for Halloween, he showed up and spoke about his friend while on stage. "There's a lot of love. I'm going to tell Jared to stay home more often," Ackles joked after the crowd went crazy during his introduction to the stage. Ackles could have chosen to avoid the elephant in the room, but he took it on and the fans more than likely appreciated getting an update. He explains.

"I'm kidding. We all miss my big, dumb friend. And I'll just say it now, he had a bad weekend last weekend. He's dealing with what he's got to deal with so just send him support and love and have a good weekend this weekend."

Jared Padalecki was arrested on Sunday, October 27th for allegedly assaulting two staff members in a bar. Video footage showed the actor wrestling with an unnamed man outside of the bar before the police arrived and took him in. Whatever the case may be, he still made it into work that following Wednesday and he and Jensen Ackles decided to have some fun with the situation. Ackles had this to say.

"When he showed up on set on Wednesday, I brought him in in handcuffs, so we were having fun with it. The crew really wanted to wear orange jumpsuits, but we couldn't get them in time. It wasn't like we thought it was a bad idea. We were certainly going to roll with it. Anyway, he's doing fine. He sends his love and you're stuck with me today."

Jensen Ackles' comments received big laughs and applause from the audience. Supernatural fans are a big part of the extended family. When it was announced that season 15 was going to be the last, Ackles, Jared Padalecki, and Misha Collins wanted to tell the fans first and could barely keep their tears hidden while doing so. Regardless, this isn't the end of the road for the Winchesters. They could all very well reunite at some point down the line. You can read Jared Padalecki's Twitter message to fans below.