Supernatural is resurrecting Kurt Fuller's Angel Zachariah for its landmark 300th episode. The news comes after it was recently announced that Jeffrey Dean Morgan is also returning to play Sam and Dean's dad. Morgan hasn't been on the hit show since a brief voice cameo in Season 3 after sacrificing himself to save Dean's life in Season 2. Other than the cameos and the title, Lebanon, not much else is clear about what will happen for the 300th episode extravaganza, but it looks like it's going to be pretty big and fans are probably starting to get even more excited than they were previously.

Kurt Fuller as Angel Zachariah hasn't been on the show since Season 5, when he was killed off. Obviously, we don't know how Zachariah or Jeffrey Dean Morgan's character are going to be coming back, but the most logical assumption would go with some flashbacks, though logic doesn't ever really factor into Supernatural too much. Zachariah was a good villain who tormented Sam and Dean, so it will be interesting to see if he's back and still up to his villainous ways.


Not many people would have guessed that Supernatural would have made it to 300 episodes when the show first debuted on the UPN Network back in 2005. 100 episodes is a true milestone these days, but 300 is something special that puts the hit show in the same elite company as Family Guy, Grey's Anatomy, ER, and CSI. The quirky show has a rabid following since its debut over a decade ago and that audience is more than likely very much looking forward to what the show has planned for its 300th episode.

The cast and crew of Supernatural already celebrated the landmark episode back in November with a huge party. The red carpet event took place in Vancouver, Canada with the cast and crew all dressed in nice suits and formal wear. It's crazy to think that the show has lasted through 14 seasons, especially considering that only 21 shows in television history have made it to 14 seasons. It's even more crazy to think that Supernatural made it through the changing of networks. However, the show has done it, and it looks like there's still a lot more ground to cover after the rare 300th episode.


Supernatural Season 14 returns January 17th on The CW, with episode 300 airing on February 7th. That means we're less than a month away from seeing all of the craziness that will go down during the episode, which should be pretty exciting for long-time fans of the hit CW show. Let's hope that the show continues to flaunt its weirdness in the years to come with brand-new seasons and possibly even a 400th episode. For now, we'll just have to wait and see. Entertainment Weekly was the first to announce that Ben Fuller is coming back for Supernatural's special 300th episode.