The new Supermarket Sweep will premiere this fall on ABC, and a first look teaser gives us a peek at the rebooted version of the series with new host Leslie Jones. Following previous reports that the reboot would be premiering this year, the new teaser reveals that Supermarket Sweep is now officially set to return on Oct. 18. "Sundays aren't just the days before Monday anymore. That's because I'm taking over Sunday nights with Supermarket Sweep," Jones says in the teaser, which was posted on her Twitter account.

Supermarket Sweep has its origins in the 60s, but the iterations featuring host David Ruprecht between 1990 and 2003 are the most well known. A reality competition series, the show features three teams of two answering grocery-themed trivia questions, culminating with a timed race where contestants attempt to ring up the most expensive shopping spree. There's a certain nostalgic charm to the '90s version of the series, and these older episodes have been getting binged by old and new fans alike since being added to Netflix earlier this year.

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Because of the 90s iteration of Supermarket Sweep getting a recent resurgence in popularity, Ruprecht has been getting a lot of attention from fans in recent months. Happy to have been a part of the series, Ruprecht has also made it clear that he wants to return for ABC's upcoming reboot. Obviously, he couldn't come back as the host, as Jones has already signed on in that role. However, in a July interview with Entertainment Weekly, Ruprecht expressed interest in coming back as the announcer who introduces Leslie Jones at the start of each episode. In fact, he had even sent in an audition tape.

"We're fortunate to have such a strong unscripted slate to launch our first wave of programming this fall," ABC Entertainment President Karey Burke said of the network's upcoming programming, emphasizing the return of the beloved game show. "Presenting the new Supermarket Sweep with Leslie Jones alongside fresh, original episodes of returning shows that viewers have come to know and love is invigorating. And with our scripted series ramping up production, we look forward to announcing more premiere dates very soon."

Some of the other popular unscripted shows returning to ABC this fall alongside the new Supermarket Sweep include The Bachelorette, Shark Tank, Celebrity Family Feud, and Press Your Luck.

Supermarket Sweep will be back on Sunday, Oct. 18 at 8/7c on ABC. New episodes will then follow every Sunday thereafter. Previously, it had been reported that the rebooted version of the hit game show would incorporate modern technology into the show as a way of reflecting the way shopping has evolved. It remains to be seen just how much the rules will have been changed since Ruprecht was hosting the show, but as the teaser reveals, the high-dollar shopping sprees are still very much a part of the action. Let's just hope the series is just as fun in 2020 as it was during the '90s. This news comes to us from Leslie Jones on Twitter.