A reboot of the classic game show Supermarket Sweep is currently in the works, and if fan favorite host David Ruprecht is hoping to return as the new series announcer. Between 1990 and 1995, Ruprecht hosted perhaps the most popular iteration of the show, helping to make Supermarket Sweep one of the most famous game shows of the '90s. He returned for another run as the host of the show for the 2000-03 revival, further making himself synonymous with the name of the series.

It has since been reported that Supermarket Sweep is set to return with a new reboot for ABC. Executive producer Leslie Jones of Saturday Night Live fame has also signed on to serve as the new host, following Ruprecht and '60s host Bill Malone. Although the 71-year-old is not currently attached to the series in any capacity, he recently revealed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that he wants to be Jones' announcer for the reboot -- similar to how Johnny Gilbert and Randy West had previously done for him between 1990 and 2003. In fact, Ruprecht has already sent in an audition tape.

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"God willing, I will be doing the announcing for Supermarket Sweep. I sent in my tape. Now it's in their hands," Ruprecht says. Considering the enduring popularity of David Ruprecht's classic version of the series from the '90s, it seems more than likely that most fans would agree with the former Supermarket Sweep host that having him return as the announcer for the reboot would be perfect. Still, with or without a place in the upcoming revival, Ruprecht appears to be more popular than ever with the TV star noticing an increase in fans reaching out after the series began streaming on Netflix.

"People are just calling me. And they're finding my home number which is a little disconcerting," Ruprecht explains. "But luckily anybody who has been interested in me, my fans and stuff, have all been very nice. I haven't had any stalkers. I will say, I've noticed in the last three weeks, my Facebook friend requests. I mean holy s-. Pardon me, but I used to get maybe two or three a week and now I'm getting 20 or 30 a day."

Like any celebrity on social media, Ruprecht hasn't been immune to getting some strange requests from his fans as well. "On my cell phone, I'm getting all these pop-ups," Ruprecht says of his recent surge in social media popularity. "They keep wanting to know 'How are you doing today?' 'Where do you live?' 'Can I get a picture with you in bare feet?'"

Currently, the plan for the Supermarket Sweep reboot is for ABC to premiere it in Fall 2020, airing new episodes Sundays at 8 p.m. That is subject to change if movie and television productions begin shutting down once again in the near future as many have been speculating. It remains to be seen exactly when the show will premiere on the network, but one thing that's for sure is that a lot of people will be very happy if Ruprecht is invited to be a part of ABC's revival. You can read the rest of Ruprecth's interview about Supermarket Sweep at Entertainment Weekly.