That didn't take long. It was announced earlier today that Leslie Jones is officially leaving Saturday Night Live after 5 years of serving as a Not Ready for Prime Time Player following her stint as a writer on the legendary sketch comedy show. Now it looks like she's found her next gig. And it's a delicious one. She'll be hosting a reboot of the classic 1960s game show Supermarket Sweep.

Leslie Jones is in demand. She has quite a few movie projects lined up including the long-awaited Eddie Murphy sequel Coming 2 America. Well, it sounds like she's not ready to leave the small screen behind completely. She'll not only be the new host of this revamped version of Supermarket Sweep, she'll also be serving as an executive producer.

The grocery store reboot is coming from Fremantle, and while the show doesn't have a network locked down just yet, it is garnering plenty of interest from the likes of ABC, NBC, Fox and Netflix. Though with Jones just coming off SNL and her recent Olympic Games commentary for the network, NBC might have a bit of an upper hand here, as they like to keep their trusted and tested talent close by.

ABC is also a major contender, as Supermarket Sweep fits in nicely with their current lineup of game show revivals which includes Match Game hosted by SNL co-star Alec Baldwin. They also air Celebrity Family Feud with Steve Harvey and Anthony Anderson's To Tell the Truth. Jones won't be a stranger to the game show circuit, either. Not only has she appeared in numerous game show spoofs during her tenure on SNL, she will soon be facing off against Rosie O'Donnel on ABC's $100,000 Pyramid.

Netflix is also currently in the Leslie Jones business, with the streaming giant getting ready to premiere Jones' comedy special, which is expected to be a big hit. So it's anyone's guess where this could land. And an unexpected network could snatch away the show at any minute. Jones is reportedly a huge fan of Supermarket Sweep from when she was a kid, and she has been a driving force in getting the reboot off the ground, as originally created by Al Howard. So it's a bit of a passion project.

Supermarket Sweep has contestants racings through the grocery store with their shopping carts, attempting to put high value items in their basket within a specific amount of time. The team who finishes with the most valuable items in their cart wins the game. The show premiered on ABC in 1965 and ran until 1967. Lifetime revived the show from 1990 to 1995, and the most recent iteration ran on PAX from 1999 to 2003. It's been seen on the Game Show Network in the years since.

Leslie Jones was a stand-up comedian who became a writer on Saturday Night Live. She quickly made a name for herself appearing during the Weekend Update segment, and was bumped up to joining the cast. She has earned three Emmy nominations for her work on the show. This news comes from Deadline.