Ahead of the upcoming series revival with new host Leslie Jones, classic episodes of the cult favorite game show Supermarket Sweep have been added to the streaming library on Netflix. Originally running on ABC in the 1960's, the series had a much more successful run when it was revived in 1990 by Lifetime. Many of us who were around during the '90s still carry a fond nostalgia for the unique game show, and now, Netflix has made it much easier for fans to revisit the classic episodes they remember from so many years ago with a collection of shows now available to watch on the streaming service.

Replacing original host Bill Malone, the memorable David Ruprecht became the new host starting with the Lifetime revival. As he quickly became synonymous with the series, Ruprecht would remain in the role for years, even following the series when it moved to PAX TV in 1999. Ruprecht would continue to host Supermarket Sweep until production on new episodes ceased in 2003. After spending the previous 13 years on television on the show, it's still easy for fans to remember his voice and the unique way he'd end each show with the line, "The next time you're at the checkout counter and you hear the beep, think of all the fun YOU could have on Supermarket Sweep!"

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The set of the quiz show is modeled after real-life supermarkets, complete with separate aisles filled with various grocery products. Teams of two take turns answering trivia questions to determine who will be given bonus time in the show's final round, which tasks shoppers with racking up as high a grocery bill as possible before the time expires. Inflatable bonus items are also placed randomly throughout the "store," with each one coming with a money bonus to be added to the final score. Contestants must strategize by going for the most expensive items they can find, from whole turkeys to large containers of laundry detergent.

Last year, it was reported that Saturday Night Live and Ghostbusters: Answer the Call star Leslie Jones would be stepping in as the host of an updated version of Supermarket Sweep. Additionally, Jones will also serve as an executive producer for the revival. After shopping the reboot to Netflix and other primetime television networks, Jones signed a deal with ABC in January to serve as the home for the show. Filming for the revival began in the spring, and it has since been announced that the new Supermarket Sweep will premiere in the fall of 2020 on Sundays at 8:00 p.m. EST. An exact premiere date has yet to be revealed by the network.

In the meantime, you can always binge several episodes of the classic Supermarket Sweep while you wait for the revival to arrive on ABC. The only caveat is that not every episode from the show can be viewed, so those with not much else to know might work through them fairly quickly. To watch it now, add Supermarket Sweep to your queue on Netflix.com streaming.