The trailer teasing the final episodes of Superman & Lois Season One has arrived, and The CW show looks like it is about to get even darker for the complicated superhero drama. It is now five long years since Tyler Hoechlin first debuted as Superman's alter-ego Clark Kent, and has gone on to become an integral part of the Arrowverse.

Earlier in the year, this version of the Man of Steel was finally given the limelight as the first five episodes of Superman & Lois aired, in which Tyler Hoechlin stars the Man of Steel alongside Elizabeth Tulloch as Lois Lane. After being in hiatus for the past couple of months due to the COVID-19 pandemic, during which time Supergirl has aired its final episodes, fans are eagerly awaiting Clark Kent's return to fill that Krypton shaped hole in their lives.

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Now the new trailer has gives fans a taste of what is to come in the next couple of episodes, with some dark and troublesome signs for the drama on the horizon. The storylines set in motion by the first five episodes, dug into the idea that Clark and Lois have twin boys, Jonathan and Jordan, who have their own issues to deal with, as you would expect being the offspring of one of the world's most powerful heroes. Exploring how the children of Superman cope with their own emerging powers, including Jordan's desire to use his abilities to take revenge on those who have bullied him, there are some tense father/son chats on the cards.

The trailer may have given fans some exciting plot developments to look forward to, but beyond this, it also reiterated one thing that saw the first run get some hefty praise for: its cinematic appearance. Many of The CW's Arrowverse crossover shows have clearly been budgeted with the old fashioned "it's only a tv show" mantra in mind, so Superman & Lois has massively bucked this trend with rich and detailed backdrops to the special effects driven action sequences.

The trailer also features a clear sign that the series is about to challenge even some of Zack Snyder's work with the caped hero, with the Arrowverse's own evil Superman being hinted at and the devastation he is about to bring to the city of Metropolis. Where this fits into the narrative is unknown, but it certainly has fans pumped for the arrival of these new episodes.

As with any good trailer, one that doesn't feel the need to set off all of its firecrackers at once, there is a lot of unresolved cliffhangers from episode five that are still up in the air, such as Jordan's escape from Tag's violent attack, and the mystery surrounding Morgan Edge and their intentions for x-Kryptonite. While some of these have been concluded in the mid-season premiere, there is no doubt that much of this will continue to unravel over the next few episodes, but with a second season already green lit, I'm sure there will be a lot left hanging in the balance come the end of the first season's run. The new episodes, starting with "Broken Trust", premiered on The CW on Tuesday night.