Adult Swim has a big ass message for you with the first trailer for Season 4 of Superjail!, debuting Sunday, June 15 at 11:45 PM ET. All of your favorite animated characters are back, including The Warden (David Wain), Jared (Teddy Cohn), Nicky (Christopher McCulloch), Alice (Christy Karacas) and The Twins (Richard Mathar) in this over-the-top animated series about a maximum security prison that houses some truly bizarre inmates. Take a look at this new footage before the series returns next month with the Season 4 Premiere.

Superjail! is back on a parole violation, and ready to shake your senses silly with six brand new episodes that will have you thanking your lucky stars for life on the outside.


In Superjail!'s fourth season, the Warden's promenade of death-prone prisoners will fall victim to countless animated atrocities-from hellfire to space sickness; from spiteful skies to rampaging redneck lizards; from frightening fairy tales to the terrors of tobacco withdrawal-and every possible act of ultra-violence in between.