The Arrowverse finally has its very own version of Lex Luthor. Jon Cryer, the Emmy-winning actor who formerly starred alongside Charlie Sheen (and for a brief time Ashton Kutcher) on Two and a Half Men has officially been cast as the iconic DC villain, who is set to appear on Supergirl later this season. Executive producers Robert Rovner and Jessica Queller had this to say about Cryer's casting in a joint statement.

"We are enormous fans of Jon Cryer, and he was instantly our dream actor to play the iconic role of Lex Luthor. Jon is a super-talent, and the fact that he played Lenny Luthor in Superman IV brings an added layer of legacy to his casting. We're beyond thrilled to welcome Jon to the Supergirl family."
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It had been previously announced that the show's creative team had been looking to cast their version of Lex Luthor. According to a new report, the plan is to bring him in during Supergirl season 4 on the 15th episode, which will air in January. On the series, the titular character is played by Melissa Benoist, with Tyler Hoechlin guest starring from time to time as her more famous cousin Clark Kent, aka Superman.

Jon Cryer made it onto the world's radar with his role as Duckie in the John Hughes classic Pretty in Pink. The actor won two Emmys for his role as Alan Harper on Two and a Half Men. Some of his other credits include Hot Shots and Holy Man. As it relates to DC, this actually isn't Cryer's first stint in that universe. He previously appeared as Lenny Luthor, the nephew of Lex, in the much-maligned Superman IV: The Quest For Peace. So this marks something of an interesting full-circle move for Cryer.

There have been many portrayals of the villain on both the big and small screen over the years, who first debuted in the pages of DC Comics in 1940 and has been one of Superman's arch enemies ever since. Lyle Talbot (Plan 9 From Outer Space) first brought the character to life in the 1950s before Gene Hackman, who played the part for Richard Donner in the 1978 Superman movie, would go on to memorably put his stamp on the character. More recently, Kevin Spacey portrayed the baddie in 2006's Superman: Returns, while Jesse Eisenberg played him in both Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and in a post-credit scene in Justice League. On the small screen, John Shea played the part on Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, while Michael Rosenbaum memorably took on the role in Smallville for an entire decade.

The actor responded to the news on Twitter by simply saying, "I am way too excited about this." It's unclear yet if the intention is to have Lex Luthor crossover with the other Arrowverse shows, but it's hard to imagine that won't happen at some point down the line. What we know is that it doesn't look like he'll be showing up on the Elseworlds crossover event next month. Then again, a surprise could be in store. Supergirl airs Sundays on The CW. This news was previously reported by Deadline.