Following two separate reports that surfaced last week, Arrow and The Flash producer Greg Berlanti confirmed at Paleyfest 2014 that he is working on a Supergirl TV series. Here's what the writer-producer had to say, revealing the project doesn't have a network home at this time.

"We're just starting to work on it. We haven't gone to the networks yet, so. I'll be happy, very excited to talk about it once we know where its home will be and that kind of stuff, but not at this moment."

While there was a rumor that The CW had passed on the show, it's clear that Greg Berlanti hasn't even started shopping the project around yet, meaning it still could land at The CW. Laura Vandervoort played Kara Zor-El, a.k.a. Supergirl, on The CW's Smallville in a two-episode arc.

It's possible that Supergirl could first appear on either Arrow or The Flash, to gauge interest before a pilot episode is shot, similar to how Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) debuted on Arrow before The Flash series. But those plans have not been confirmed, and it's possible that The CW won't even land the series.

The initial report from last week revealed that Michael Green (Smallville) was attached to write and produce, which made sense since he co-created the New 52 comic book reboot for DC. The second report confirmed that this project is in the works, but Michael Green is not involved in any way, with the show being developed by Greg Berlanti and Ali Adler, who worked together on ABC's No Ordinary Family.

DC Entertainment's Geoff Johns is also expected to have a hand in developing the series. It isn't known if the show will be adapted from the original comics or the New 52 reboot at this time. If they do go with the New 52 iteration, it would be easier to steer clear from the mythology already laid out in The CW's Smallville, should the project land at that network.

B. Alan Orange at TVweb
B. Alan Orange