What would The Room look like if Tommy Wiseau were recast with Melissa Benoist as Supergirl? Thanks to a video clip released on Instagram, we can see exactly that. In full Supergirl costume, Benoist stands on a rooftop set with a green screen background. Reminiscent of the rooftop scenes from The Room, someone present apparently had the idea to have Benoist recreate one of the legendary B-movie's most iconic scenes. Quoting Wiseau's dialogue from the movie verbatim, Benoist recreates the scene where the Room character laments about his fiance's false claims about him hitting her, only to then casually spout, "Oh, hi Mark."

In The Room, Tommy Wiseau plays a man named Johnny, whose fiancée Lisa (Juliette Danielle) is secretly sleeping with his best friend Mark (Greg Sestero). Making matters worse, Lisa has been telling people Johnny has been hitting her at home, which isn't true. Frustrated with Lisa spreading this falsehoods about him, Johnny heads to the roof of his apartment building to vent his frustrations, leading to the iconic scene in question. Those who find the scene funny are amused particularly by Wiseau's delivery of the dialogue about what Lisa said, coupled with the way he angrily tosses a water bottle in the process. But perhaps the best part is how Wiseau suddenly switches gears to calmly and casually say, "Oh, hi Mark," a moment later. The three word line might be the most quoted of every bit of dialogue from The Room.

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The Room is widely regarded as the worst movie ever made. For that same reason, however, it has grown a massive cult following since its release in 2003. As perhaps the prime example of a movie that's "so bad, it's good," the movie has had many theatrical showings with fans in attendance quoting along every step of the way. As it turns out, things were just as crazy behind the scenes when it came to making the movie, as Wiseau is even more eccentric behind the camera than he is as Johnny. The story of how the movie was created has been forever immortalized when it was adapted for the movie The Disaster Artist, which featured James Franco playing the kooky director.

Although DC movies have been struggling with audience reception, the shows on The CW have been faring a bit better. With critics praising the show's creative direction and Benoist's performance in particular, The CW just recently renewed Supergirl for a fifth season on the network. While the DC superhero has been featured in other live-action adaptations, it seems evident that Melissa Benoist has given us the best version of Supergirl yet, and having her acting out a scene from The Room in her Supergirl wardrobe makes it obvious the actress is just as awesome in real life.

For more zaniness from Tommy Wiseau, watch out for his upcoming killer shark movie not-so-subtly titled Big Shark. Greg Sestero, who co-starred with Wiseau in The Room, will also appear in Big Shark along with Wiseau in leading roles. As for Benoist, you can catch her on TV when Supergirl airs on The CW. You can watch her recreating the scene from The Room in the video below!