Supergirl hasn't been shy about unleashing big DC characters in a short time, and in just its second season, we've already even seen Superman. The next big get for fans has to be Mister Mxyzptlk, whom many have wanted to see appear in the flesh for quite sometime, either in the DCEU or The CW Arrowverse. When Supergirl returns for the back half of Season 3 this winter, fans are going to finally get their wish.

Thanks to CanadaGraphs, we have our first look at Mister Mxyzptlk. He is seen standing next to Supergirl star Melissa Benoit as shooting continues in Vancouver, Canada on these upcoming new episodes. It is confirmed that Peter Gadiot will playing the sneaky trickster. Leading into the winter episodes, it hasn't been revealed whom else Kara Zor-El will face off against.

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We know that there are aliens who are hunting Mon-El. And while Cadmus lost leader Lillian Luthor to the justice system, they aren't completely out of the frame. But what is known is that Mister Mxyzptlk is finally going to get his time in the spotlight. Even if the leaked paparazzi style photo points to the fact that Mxy might not look exactly like he does in the comic books.

Mister Mxyzptlk is an imp from the 5th dimension, and he usually arrives to give Superman a hard time. But this isn't the first time Supergirl has used a villain from the Superman comics. The two worlds are pretty closely tied, and we recently saw Draaga show up in the Survivors episode with a story that was pretty close to what happened in the comics. Only it happened to the Man of Steel, who wasn't anywhere to be found in this particular outing for Kara.

If Peter Gadiot looks familiar to you, it's because he played Cyrus the Genie on the canceled Once Upon a Time spin-off Wonderland. Mister Mxyzptlk has never been considered one of Superman's more dangerous foes. He's usually shown as being more of a nuisance. He doesn't care if people get hurt when he pulls his dastardly pranks though. One time, he even made a Doomsday clone, which didn't work out well for anyone involved.

His weapon of choice is usually some kind of elaborate brain game. He appears to have magical powers, but he's actually just using technology he purloined from the Fifth Dimension that does not exist in our world. He can control things through sheer willpower, but it's been discovered that he's easy to prank. If you can convince the usually diminutive guy to say his name backwards, he will be sent back to his home for 90s days, unable to visit earth in that time. At this time, the synopsis for the Mister Mxyzptlk episode has not been released. Here are the images of him on the Supergirl Season 2 set.