Supergirl is flying toward its season 2 finale faster than a speeding bullet and, so far, details on the two-parter have been kept under wraps. We may still be light on specific story details, but we now have confirmation that some familiar faces will be joining up with Kara for the Supergirl season 2 conclusion. Both Cat Grant (Calista Flockhart) and Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) are set to come back for the first time since the beginning of season 2.

Starting with Superman, E News was able to confirm that Supergirl's much more famous cousin will be returning to National City next month to help her right whatever threat will be looming in the season 2 finale. Tyler Hoechlin debuted as Superman in the Supergirl season 2 premiere and stuck around for one more episode before heading back to Metropolis, since his cousin seemed to be able to handle things on her own. The reception to his version of the character was very positive and the producers made it clear that they wanted him to come back at some point in the future. Here is what Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg had to say about it after Superman's last appearance on Supergirl.

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"We're thrilled with working Tyler, which has been an amazing experience. We just selfishly hope we get to do it again because it really added to the show in a way. We were very cognizant of not wanting him to come in and steal her thunder, so this Superman that we designed was something that you really haven't seen too much of."

In addition to Superman making his hopefully triumphant return to Supergirl, it looks like Kara's old boss Cat Grant is coming back as well. According to Deadline, Calista Flockhart, who was a series regular for Supergirl season 1 but has since become a recurring guest star, will also be coming back for the two-part finale in May. We last saw her in the episode "The Last Children of Krypton," which also happens to be the last time we saw Tyler Hoechlin as Superman. In that episode, Cat Grant decided that she wanted to leave CatCo Worldwide Media, since she had effectively conquered all she could conquer in that world. But it left the door open for her to return, which she is doing soon.

Supergirl moved from CBS to The CW for season 2 and that has proved to be a very good decision. It has allowed for more crossover with Melissa Benoist's character and the other Arrowverse heroes. Most recently, there was a pretty successful musical crossover with Supergirl and The Flash. The CW has already renewed Supergirl for season 3, so there is definitely a chance we could be getting some sort of cliffhanger at the end of season 2. At the very least, expect something big since Superman is coming to town.

The CW will likely be releasing some details on the Supergirl season 2 finale after the next few episodes air. The show is set to return on April 24 with the episode "Ace Reporter." The Supergirl season 2 finale will span two episodes next month, airing on Monday, May 15 and Monday, May 22.